Pat McGrath: Mothership VIII – Divine Rose II

Pat McGrath launched her eighth ten pan palette – Mothership VIII to more hype than usual.  Divine Rose II takes the Divine Rose theme and amplifies it. I got my hands on the pallete and I have been playing with it for a little while so now is the right time to review it.

The Problem

If you follow beauty influencers in the UK you will be familiar with the problem faced by UK customers.  Many like myself were online and ready before the 8am EST/2pm GMT kick off.  I got on line ordered the limited edition packaging only to find that I kept getting kicked out of the site. I was whatsapping Natasha from Brown Skin Dark Lips and she was having the same issue.  After 10 frustrating minutes, I decided to just order the black packaging.  The explanation that we have received to date is that there was an issue with the website which kicked international customers off, and promises of it not happening again have filtered to us from Pat McGrath’s team.  Was I supremely miffed at the time? Yes absolutely.  Do I love the palette in the standard packaging?  Yes.

The Shades

  • Skintone Rose Opal – Incandesent Champagne with Opalescent Shift
  • Naked Blush – Matte Coral
  • Eleganza – Chromatic Plum-Pink
  • Bronze Rose 005 – Metallic Copper Rose
  • Gold Lust 001 – Glistening Antique Gold

  • Xtreme Burgandy –Matte Deepened Burgandy
  • Divine Dusk – Luminous Rose Bronze
  • Rose Seduction – Vivid Magenta with a satin finish
  • VR Sextraterrestrial – Fuschia, Golden Peach, and Chartreuse Triochrome
  • Astral Pink Moon –  Peach Champagne Glitter.

Final Thoughts

I FLIPPING LOVE THIS PALETTE.  Divine Rose II is the bigger bolder sister of Divine Rose I.  Pat has returned to colour colour colour and I am definitely here for it.  Divine Rose II is also much more brown girl friendly.   Every single shade in the palette is  {insert chef’s kiss here} bellisimo and the overall curation  is beautiful.  Everybody is going crazy for Sextraterrestrial and with good reason. It is stunning.  However don’t sleep on the other shades, Eleganza and Divine Dusk, Bronze Rose 005 and Astral Pink Moon are all stunners that pair beautifully with shades from Subersive which is my favourite palette.  Naked Blush and Rose Seduction also deserve a special mention.  We all know that eyeshadows can be used on the cheeks but it gives me how that some day in the not too distant future, Pat McGrath will bring out blushers.

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