Pat McGrath: Divine Rose Lip Trio

When Pat McGrath released the Divine Rose II palette, she also released two lip trios. The lip liner, matte trance lipstick and lip gloss curations are available in a pink and a peach. Originally when I bought the palette, I was not interested in the lip trio  … but … there was a masterclass where I saw the lip trio on different skin tones.  So I bought it!

Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil – Suburbia (£29)

I am familiar with the formula of Pat’s Ultra Lip Pencils from Ground Control and Deep Void which I have reviewed here.  The Suburbia formula does not glide in the same way, it is slightly stiffer on the lips which is disappointing.  The colour is a mid tone dusky pink with a touch of brown. It is not a shade that I can wear on it’s own on my lips, but the opacity means that it works well on the centre of my lips with either Deep Void or Ground Control on the outer edge. It also provides a flattering pink tone when pared with sheer and semi opaque lip glosses.

Matte Trance Lipstick – Soft Core (£36)

You can read my matte trance lipstick review here. Soft Core has the same opaque yet light weight formula.  The shade is a mid toned pink with a cool undertone.  When applied direct from the bullet to the lips the tone is bright but sheered out which is the way that is suits me best you can see the mauve undertone.  I like to wear it with Deep Void Lip Liner and really focus it in the middle of the lips.  However my absolutely favourite way to wear Soft Core and it is a trick that I discovered in the Masterclass is a blush.  Cream shadows are all the rage at the moment and the majority of them have a sheen finish.  A matte finish on a cream product however is like the best cream to powder formula.  It sits beautifully on bare skin and over foundation.  Pat currently does not have any blushes in her range so I do not regret using in that category in the interim.

Lust Gloss – Divine Rose (£26)

My favourite part of the Divine Rose Trio is the Divine Rose lip gloss. A sheer pink with subtle golden shimmers.  I love the texture of this gloss, it is thick but not gloopy. You can find a previous review of the lip gloss formula here. In my journey on this blog I spent many years saying that I am not a lipgloss person.  Well, that was true at the time, but it is not any more. I love gloss and have gotten through whole tubes of the stuff so I know that when I find a shade that I love, I will wear it.  Divine Rose goes with all of my lip liners.

Top – Suburbia, Middle – Soft Core, Bottom, Divine Rose

Final Thoughts

It may seem strange that I purchase a lip trio and I am not raving over everything in the set.    The set cost £62.  If these items had been purchased individually, the cost would have been £91 so the price was already discounted by more than 30%. Then I got a further 15% discount so I ended up pay under £18 for each item. In that context, Suburbia lip liner is my least favourite item mainly because of the colour but also because of the texture which is different from my other liners.  Soft Core lipstick as a lipstick is not my favourite, but as a cream blusher is well worth every penny.  Rose Divine lip gloss, for me, full price is worth it.


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