Yes, Another Purple Lipstick – Gucci Beauty, Virginia Fleur de Lis

Gucci Beauty is back and their lipsticks are all over the internet.  I last reviewed a Gucci beauty product five years ago and since them the brand disbanded the beauty element and recently relaunched it.  I figured that it had been a few months since I last bought a purple bullet lipstick, so it felt like a good time to pick up a new one.

The Packaging

Gucci Beauty is a luxury brand so I was expecting good things from the outer box packaging. Yes, I know it just gets recycled but I like a good box. I also had this expectation from the other Gucci Beauty product in my collection.  The box is not enticing me at all.  Fine, it went straight into the recycling.  The lipstick itself however is another story.  A true gold bullet with Gucci stamped on the top.  The beauty however is in the sides of the packaging.  Emblazoned with a geometric Art Deco inspired pattern.. It is stunning. Quite distinct from the look and feel of their previous iteration of makeup. The packaging is weighted, with that lovely solid feeling in the hand. It has a click closure which is solid even when the lipstick is rolling around in the bottom of your handbag.

The Shade and Formula

Virginia Fleur de Lis is a mid-tone purple in a crème formula. It is fragranced, which is not unusual for a high-end lipstick. I am a fan of iris scents but this is not scent that I would wear on my skin.  It does not register for long on the lips, and it does not irritate me in any way, but it is an addition that I could do without.

The shade definitely has a place in my purple collection. It does not have as much blue in it as many of my purple lipsticks, but it is clearly purple and not pink in the bullet and on my lips.  It pairs well with lip liners and on its own.  The formula is also opaque so my top and bottom lips register as the same colour.  The wear time on this is pretty good if you are not eating and it fades to a pinkish stain and it is extremely comfortable to wear.

Final Thoughts

I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK.  Not all purple lipsticks are created equally  – trust me, I know about these things.  The Gucci Beauty aesthetic and formula is a really good one.  The packing, the formula and the shade are all beautiful.  I have a soft spot for Gucci as I bought into their previous beauty range and was very impressed with how they do purples.  Not every brand does purple well so when I find one that does, I tend to take note.  £34 might be out of your price range for a lippie, but if like me you enjoy luxury, you will happily pay it.

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