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Patent Purple LifeAre you looking for honest reviews of beauty products provided by a real consumer ?

Me too!  That is why I started Patent Purple Life. After reading blogs for a couple of years, I felt like my voice wasn’t being represented.  I wanted read reviews by someone who really used the product.  I wanted someone to provide an authentic opinion about the packaging, texture, cost, ingredients and overall experience.  I wanted someone who wasn’t a spring chicken to tell me about the pros and importantly the cons of the product.

I’ve been a beauty consumer for more than 30 years.  On this platform I’ve reviewed over 1000 fragrance, makeup, and skincare products . If you are looking for a specific product for a skin concern or makeup need, you are likely to find it here, along with newly launched products, beauty news and the occasional rant!

Honest reviews are everything to me.  I buy the majority of products that I review  but I am fortunate to have worked with some amazing brands including.

If you like a blogger with an opinion and are not averse to a long read,  you will feel right at home here.

PatentPurpleLife is a PR friendly blog.  If you would like a detailed review of your product, to discuss a sponsored post or for a general chat, please contact me by email: or use the contact form below.


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