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Patent Purple LifeHello, I’m Jo. My favourite colour is purple and I’m attracted to shiny and glittery things.  I’m a Londoner. I acquired a nose for red wine after living in Spain. I am a fan of The Expendables franchise (what?) and Wolford are my favourite brand of tights.

The reason that you are here though is because I am a beauty addict.  I have a taste for luxe beauty but my favourite types of products are those that really work. The how and why of products fascinates me, so you will find me researching surfactants but I’m equally happy with a jar of cold pressed avocado oil (as long as it has a pump).


  1. This is a wonderful blog Jo! I am an American expat (just over a year) looking for tips on great beauty products for women of color. I am not familiar with some of the brands so this will help me, especially with products for natural hair that I don’t have to get sent to me from the States. Plus you love candles which I am totally addicted to! Great stuff!


    1. Hi Halima, thank you for your lovely comment about my blog. If there are any products that you would like me to review please drop me a line. Most of all though I want to tell you that your artwork is AMAZING.

      Keep in touch



      1. Hi Jo,
        Thank you so much! I will totally ask you to review a few things. I have some things jotted down somewhere that I wanted to try, firstly some products that I see on British Curlies. I have been searching for a positive, real and informative blogger – I am truly glad that I found your blog.

        I will keep in touch,


  2. Hi Jo

    Love the blog!

    Loving the mixture of luxury and high street finds and the level of detail in the reviews which are actually helping me decide what is right for me – confirmed by compliments:) I have been introduced to loads of great products and spared a few terrible films. Bad for my purse but fabulous for my face!

    Sass x

    1. Hi Sass

      Thank you so much – I am glad you are enjoying it! Do let me know if there are products that you would like me to review.



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