Brand Alert: 3107 London Artisan Skincare

3107 Artisan London Skincare Heart and Soul Cleansing Balm

3107 Artisan London Skincare Heart and Soul Cleansing Balm

This review is about new brand  3107 London Artisan Skincare  and their Heart and Soul Deep Cleansing Remover but really it is an opportunity to share how my ‘met-her-online-friend-in-real-life’ Dija has turned her dream into a reality.  Let’s start with the name – three, ten and seven and important dates within her family.  Dija is my friend but this is an honest review.  You may know her from social media – she is @DijasWorld everywhere.  You may know her from one of her beauty writing gigs, at Spell, Psychologies and a couple of guest features on Thandie Newton and Kay Montano’s website Thandie Kay.  You will  have even seen her pop up on my Instagram feed a couple of times.  Dija is a skincare fanatic.  She is one of those people that looks in your face… because she is looking at your skin.  She is an experienced facialist so the move into creating her own brand is no surprise and the decision to go into skincare is a no brainer.  Dija loves skin.  I am fortunate to have been one of her human testers so it has been a real pleasure to watch 3107 London Artisan Skincare go from concept to having the finished product in my hands.

3107 Artisan London Skincare Heart and Soul Cleansing Balm

Heart and Soul Deep Cleansing Make Up Remover is a cleansing balm.  I am a #cleanseholic so it is only right that my first review of this brand is this product.  I like to wear alot of make up.  Not because I am trying to hide anything but because I like pretty colours so day to day I am wearing foundation, powder, eye shadow (between one and three), brow stuff, highlighter, bronzer blusher, and lip colour.  It is alot of make up.  Taking off my make up is not a chore since I discovered cleansing balm but they are not all made equally.  When Dija gave me her cleansing balm to test she knew that I would be very honest and I put it to the test by wearing more make up than usual.

3107 Artisan London Skincare Heart and Soul Cleansing Balm

When you open the jar, the lemongrass and geranium hit you with the lavender following on behind.  As you warm the product in your hands the texture softens to almost an oil.  Massage it into the skin and it lifts off your make up without you having to do any hard work.   Generally as I wear alot of make up I remove the top layer of make up with a micellar water before going in with a cleansing balm as I want the skin loving oils (apricot, jojoba, castor oil) to do their magic on my skin.  When I was testing Heart and Soul I didn’t.  I went straight in with the balm,  massaged the face, removed it with a damp flannel and then went in with a micellar to see how much make up was remaining.  There was none.  This cleansing balm is really good., but it is also multifunctional as it always works as a skincare mask.  For at home pamper days that involve a long bath add a  layer of Heart and Soul on the face before you get in the tub.  Enjoy the soak get out of the bath, moisturise the body remove the mask and reveal nourished skin. The range is beautifully packaged in a sturdy glass jar.  The illustration on the label and the box  acknowledge the botanicals  in the product.  3107 Artisan London Skincare also has Leaping Bunny and PETA Certification.  The range is mineral oil and paraben free, produced in small batches and the ingredient list is not as long as your arm.

3107 Artisan London Skincare Heart and Soul Cleansing Balm

I am so proud of Dija for creating a product that authentically reflect who she is as a skincare expert and beautifully demonstrates that will power and determination can help you manifest your hearts desire.  If you are a green beauty you need to try it, if you are a cake face (like me) , you need to try it and if you are looking for affordable, efficacious yet luxurious way to clean your face and massage your face you need to try this product.  Heart and Soul Deep Cleansing Make up  Remover is available from the 3107 Artisan London Skincare  website for pre-orders now and retails for £34.99



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  • Fab post, I’m keen to try this brand. Love cleansing balms and this one sounds beautiful! Yes, a nice bath and balm massed into the face si a real treat. Enjoy!
    Heidi x

    • Jo

      Hi Heidi

      I think you will really enjoy 3107, great textures and soul nurturing aromatherapy blends




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