Copper Blushers featuring Becca, Fashion Fair and Tom Ford

Copper Blushers, Becca, Tom Ford and Fashion Fair

Copper Blushers, Becca, Tom Ford and Fashion Fair

Do you ever play in your makeup stash and then see a theme developing?  Outside of all purple everything, I recently  discovered another trend.  Copper blushers.  Not gold, not bronze, copper.  The mid toned metallic brown with a healthy dose of red or orange or even pink.  As a fan of orange in complexion products it is really no surprise that I like copper.   I got into blush late in life but for someone like me with a large round plate face, blusher is a real hero in your make up bag.  The right choice of colour and placement can ensure that you get both a sculpted and brightened effect on the skin in one fail swipe.

Copper Blushers, Becca, Tom Ford and Fashion Fair

If the make up industry defines your skin tone as tan / deep / dark or rich, copper shades of  blusher may become your new best friend (you can thank me later!).  I am a highlighter fan, I have reviewed a highlighter ever month for the past three months and I am not getting off that train any time soon.  However, highlighter and copper blusher are not interchangeable in my opinion.  They do different things.  They blend beautifully and work well together, but as I said, placement is key.  The copper blushers that I have in my collection are similar but different; imagine Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama and Susan Boyle in a room together.  All three are beautiful women, but all are very different.

 Copper Blushers, Becca, Tom Ford and Fashion Fair

Let’s start with the Kim Kardashian of the trio – Becca  Shimmering Skin Perfector (pressed) in Burnished Copper

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (Pressed) Burnished Copper

Becca are knowns for their highlighters and I have a range of colours in both the pressed and poured texture. Every other colour in this range is a highlighter, so  iridescent gold bronze and pearl tones which accentuate the high points of the face.    This is the brightest and boldest of the three copper blushers that I have..  Beautiful buttery texture, with an orange undertone.  Burnished Copper is like Kim Kardashian in a Herve leger dress.  It leaves nothing to the imagination. From the packaging to the colour it screams in your face bling-tastic coppery goodness and I love it.  If you are very pale, it is probably best that you pass on this but the richer the skintone the more you can go to town.  I wear this blusher rather than a highlighter and when I wear it  I am more likely to bronze the face than highlight it  because it is bright.  It is very bright… unashamedly bright and very very gorgeous.

Next up Michelle Obama, aka, Tom Ford Cheek Colour in Savage.

Tom Ford Savage Cheek Colour

Swooooon. My love for Tom Ford is well documented.  This is my favourite Tom Ford blusher.  It is the most delectable copper-with-a-hint-of-pink-terracotta-but-so-much-better,  warm coppery tone.  There is iridescence but it is not blingy like the Becca, a more subtle glow but not as subtle as the lit-from-within glow you get from an Hourglass radiant powder.  This is the glow that Michelle has when Obama  looks at her with a mixture of love, adoration and pride.  It is glamorous and beautiful. think this colour is stunning and super flattering.  If you have a medium or fair skintone, a light hand and a fluffy brush, this is a beautiful, not muddy on the skin bronzer.  The deeper your skin tone, the more understated-I-woke-up-like-this the effect.

Last but not least, Susan Boyle  aka Fashion Fair Beauty Blush in Golden Sunset.

Fashion Fair Beauty Blush Golden Sunset

The packaging has a very different aesthetic from the Tom Ford and the Becca so you will look at this product and think that you know what it is going to be like, but then you put it on your skin and you the shock and surprise that you feel registers as WOW.  It is like that moment on Britains Got Talent when Susan Boyle come onto the stage and everyone thought ‘whatever’ …and then she opened her mouth revealed her amazing voice.  Oh yes!  Golden Sunset from Fashion Fair is in my humble opinion  absolutely the best product in the brand’s whole line.  This is the most red of the three copper blushers but it is sooo gorgeous and like the Tom Ford, this colour would work as a bronzer on deeper skintones.  This colour is the most amazing blush when the light hits it wow.  Of the three blushers this one is pressed the hardest in the pan so you have to work a little bit harder to get the product onto the blush and the skin – dont let that put you off.  The result is so worth it.  Whilst it is pigmented, it is not quite as KAPOW as the Becca or the Tom Ford but it still packs a punch.  This is the most every day shade of the bunch and the one that I am most likely to wear with a highlighter as it is slightly more muted.

Becca Burnished Copper, Tom Ford Savage and Fashion Fair Golden Sunset Swatches WoC

So lets talk money –  Tom Ford is forty eight pounds (yes, I know) but you get eight grams of product.  Becca is thirty two pounds, also for eight grams and the Fashion Fair is sixteen pounds for three point six grams.  If you look at the price per gram however, the Fashion Fair is more expensive than the Becca.  I know that lots of other brands do a metallic/iridescent copper blushers so if you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!


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