Illuminating Fragrance: Baldwins – Patchouli and Lime

Baldwins Patchouli and Lime

Baldwins Patchouli and Lime

One of my favourite places in south London is Baldwins. They will be featured quite a few times over the coming weeks as I will be sharing some of my favourite items from the shop.  I’m starting with candles because this one has been a real godsend. I’ve been doing alot of work from home and sorting out paperwork and filing and generally needing to focus, concentrate and not be distracted by my every growing beauty stash or my Instagram feed.

Baldwins Patchouli and Lime

At Baldwins you can buy all the accoutrement to make candles, so it is no surprise that a shop that supplies the essentials for a candle, makes great candles. Patchouli and Lime is one of over 16 candles that Baldwins make.  All of them are single or dual notes (with the exception of the Yuletide candle)  and housed in metal screw top.

Baldwins Patchouli and Lime

Patchouli and Lime.   Patchouli always reminds me of the guys that sell incense sticks on the street.  It has an earthiness that can end up being overwhelming, but this is where the lime is genius. It does not drown out the patchouli but it does make is more palatable and the overall effect creates an environment which is conducive to focus and efficiency.  The wax is a bend of beeswax and soy and the wick is cotton and it have a very even burn and utilitarian chic.  If you need concentration not contemplation – this is definitely a candle to get.

Baldwins Patchouli and Lime

Aroma Candles are £6.99 from

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  • Ooh I’ve not been in years. I didn’t know they do candles now. This must be divine

    • Jo


      You have to go back – the store is bigger and they sell everything you could think of. Sarsapsarilla review coming soon!




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