Illuminating Fragrance: DL & Company Bergamot Candle

DL & Co

I have been on the DL and Company website every week for the past few months.  This American company’s website is full of candles and curiosities in all shapes and sizes.  The range of candle holders and fragrances that has me intrigued.  Three of the twenty candles on my candle wish list are from this company.


I don’t do eBay and DL & Company stockists are relatively limited in the UK.   So , imagine my surprise /delight to see a range of not very well displayed DL and Company candles near the checkout.  I managed to find one that did not look like it had been played with by a three-year old on who had just finished rolling around in the mud,  and made the purchase – happy yet confused at the same time.


The DL & Company website is full of glorious gothic blackness and intrigue… the packaging that I picked up however is the opposite of what I have seen on the website.  It it nice but it not intriguing.  The hessian covered  packaging is nothing like the sleek black and silver that is on their site.  The aqua  glass holder  is pretty but not intense. When I took the glass holder out I was expecting some form of branding, but there was none.


Hmmm…and then I lit the candle, exhaled and relaxed into my sofa.  There is nothing like a lux candle. The fragrance is subtle yet with sufficient intensity to fill a room.  It has none of the in your face zestiness of a lesser citrus candle.  It is a soothing fragrance which envelopes an average sized room very quickly.  It is also a fragrance that can be burnt all day without being headache inducing.

I have been back to my local TK Maxx since to see if there were any left, but no such luck.  I have found another online stockist however so I will be making a purchase over the coming months.


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