Prisimologie Pink O’Clock Hand and Cuticle Cream

Prismologie Pink O'Clock Hand and Cuticle Cream


This  review for the Prisimologie Pink O’Clock Hand and Cuticle Cream  has been written after I have finished the product.  This is always a good sign.  Prisimilogie is a brand that utilises colour as well as smell and texture in it’s skincare to create a truly experiential range.  Colour is a central part of the range with each product specifically packaged to complement the skincare benefits that the ingredients are supporting. As well as essential oils for aroma therapeutic benefits, (in this case rose ) there are gemstones and crystals in this range (rose quartz for comfort).  It is not the first time I have come across crystals and gemstones in beauty – I reviewed the Valeur Absolue fragrance range which have gemstones in the fragrance which are said to provide benefits to the wearer.  The combination of sensory stimulation in the brand is interesting and would definitely have me coming back the range for more (diamond and neroli sounds right up my street).  Prisimologie think of their brand as every day colour therapy.  I understand the concept and I think for products that are sitting on your dressing table this is probably true… however this hand cream has been sitting at the bottom of my make up bag so I don’t really get the visual benefit.

Prismologie Pink O'Clock Hand and Cuticle Cream

According to Prisimologie pink is for compassion, tenderness and self indulgence.  Hmmm, for me not really but I have to say that I appreciate the fact that the packaging  was a strong vivid pink not an insipid baby pink. The product itself is housed in a plastic flat tube which is easy to squeeze out and the perfect size for your make up bag.  The cream itself is quite emollient so it is not good for the office if you have to take lids of pens and pick up phones.  It does leave the skin coated in a rich cream thank to the baobab oil and shea butter, which takes a few minutes to absorb.  I am all about a rich hand cream so love that about it but for some people it might be too rich.  It is described as a hand and nail cream and I did find that it kept the cuticles soft.

The elephant in the room with product is the fragrance.  It is rose and rose is not my favourite scent.  Artic rose,  (Rhodiola rosea) as opposed to  for example damask rose (Rosa damask) is the ‘rose’ in this scent.  However, Rhodiola and Rosa are not the same genus, so this is not the rose that I am familiar with in beauty products.  A quick good search and you will see that they do not look similar either.  This is probably the reason that I am ok with the smell of this product.  I generally don’t like rose fragranced skincare (they normally bypass my skin and go straight to my rose loving sister) but this product stayed with me.  Why? Because it is not overwhelming and dare I say it I sort of liked it.  The scent is subtle, not at all overpowering or headache inducing.  This is a product that I would repurchase.

Prisimologie Pink O’Clock Hand and Cuticle Cream is available exclusively from Space NK and retails for £30

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