Tools of the Trade: Louise Young Cosmetics Brushes

Louise Young Cosmetics Brushes

It started early last year…with You Tube… and a desire to create the defined crease shadow looks that were so beautiful and  that everyone in the videos made look so easy.    Until I discovered Louise Young Cosmetics brushes in Fenwicks… when I attempted to do creasework, it all got very messy, with the definition colour going all over my mobile lid and / or right under my brow.  It is often said that a bad workman always blames their tools… but for me – the ‘right’ brush as made a really huge difference to my make up application.

May I present Ly13.  This brush has a small head, which means that when I place colour in the crease, it is actually in the crease.  As well as doing crease work with this brush, it is great for highlighting the inner corner of the eye and for defining the outer corner of the eye.  I have also done a smudged liner, filled in my brows and used it to place colour on the mobile lid.  I love this brush.  After waxing lyrical about this brush… I decided to delve further into the brand.

Say hello the LY34, Super Foundation Brush.  It provides a flawless finish, it has a rounded top so it gets into the contours of your face really easily, under the eyes, around the nose etc.  You can take your time and really be precise with the application or as I tend to do in the morning, use the brush, without a mirror to apply flawless foundation.  My current foundation is Nars Sheer Glow – a product that you are advised to apply with the fingertips.  I use this brush and in my opinion, get a better finish.

So then as a post birthday treat to myself, (I know, I know – any excuse!!) I picked up LY20, the Super Fan Brush.   I had never bought a fan brush before and to be honest, I was not completely sure what to do with it!  But I use this brush every single day.  Did I mention that I am not a make up artist.  Really, for the everyday person, a fan brush is not a necessity in their make up brush wardrobe… but it just makes things easy.  Blush and highlighter placement is so easy but this brush comes into its own sweeping away excess HD powder.

As 2011 was coming to a close and it was time to write my Christmas list, I added the five piece  short handled brush  kit to my list,  on the off-chance that Santa would agree that I had been  good that year.  Clearly my sister had a word in Santa’s ear because I got the kit… which lives in my bag and allows easy of application / retouch wherever I am.

Powder ( LY04), foundation (LY01), eyeshadow (LY19 & LY38)  and retractable lip brush (LY29) , in my bag at all times – woo hooo.  Retouching my make up has never been so pleasurable and the shorter handles are not super short so it does nt impact negatively on application.   The faux leather case that is comes in is resilient to being bashed around at the bottom of my bag and the brushes are protected.  The foundation brush in this kit is, but equally effective for those days when application is being done on public transport or in a toilet prior to an event.  The shadow brushes make placement and blending easy, even when going over pot holes on a bus.  The lip brush is amazing for precise application, especially for matt colour and the powder brush is soooo soft – great for blusher.

So imagine my ABSOLUTE DELIGHT when Louise Young Cosmetics sent me some brushes.  I literally jumped up and down when I got the package and immediately chucked out some of my other brushes.

LY42 – the Face Buffer brush, helps keeps my blush on the apples of my cheeks and great for contouring, but comes into its own with mineral complexion products – it is like the softest Kabuki but with a longer handle, which in my opinion makes it easier to use.

LY16  and LY17 are great for packing on the colour onto the lids, especially where your mobile lid is not very big as it gives precision.  L17 is wider and slightly stiffer then LY16.  LY17 is really good for colours with high glitter content and colours prone to fall out.

LY38B is a tapered shadow brush – smaller then the one in the five piece kit, great for applying colour at the inner corner of the eye and intensifying the outer corner as well as blending.

LY24A the Superfine liner brush is great for those days where the shadow work is very simple and the lashes are the focus.  It it perfect for a nude shadow, loads of lashes and a coloured tightline .  It gives depth to the base of the lashes without shouting eyeliner and because it is so fine, you really get close to the lashes.

So I have a full complement of amazing brushes at home and on the move.   I love the fact that these brushes were designed by a make up artist who is really focused on brushes.   Make up really has transformative powers, but applying your make up with excellent tools really does make a differernce.


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