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Carron Cosmetics

Scouring Instagram regularly as I do I came across British makeup brand Carron Cosmetics.  Created by Carron Enwright-Richardson, a veteran MUA and hair stylist  I was intrigued to see what her brand would offer. I headed to the website for more information.  Carron Cosmetics is a new brand so the current edit is small but there are a range of foundations and colour cosmetics.    I bought a few of the colour products and have been using them for a couple of weeks

Carron Cosmetics

Deep Grape Lip liner

Carron Cosmetics Deep Grape Liner

The Carron lipliner is unique.  Lipliners are normally a pencil format.  This is a block of colour that you apply with a brush.  It looks like ‘cake’ from a cake mascara.  It is supplied with a small mirror and a small double ended brush so you can wear the colour all over as lipstick or line the lips with the brush.  It is long lasting on the lips, has a great texture and is aclever idea.

Deep Grape Blush

Carron Cosmetics Deep Grape Blush

This is a matte blush  which has quite a dry texture when swatched.  Applied to the skin with a fluffy brush it gives bloom to the skin and it literally lasts all day.  The colour is buildable and works well as an eyeshadow too.

Bronze Eyeshadow

Carron Cosmetics Bronze Eyeshadow

There are currently seven eyeshadows in the range. They are mainly neutral tones.  The Bronze shade has a smooth texture with a small amout of  gold reflex that I can wear all over the lid  or as an inner corner highlight.

 The Pros

  • There is a pro makeup artist behind the brand.  It is exciting as it means that shades and colours are gorgeous
  • There is a black  woman behind the brand and I am very pro #femaleboss brands
  • This is a British brand which means no hefty shipping and customs charges.
  • This is a fully inclusive brand and my foundation shade is  not the deepest shade.
  • The customer service with this brand is brilliant.  The items were packaged safely and shipped quickly.  I sent an email to the brand asking about which foundation shade would work best for me an I got a quick reply.
  • The brand is cruelty free and the products are made in their proprietary lab in Colombia
Carron Cosmetics
L-R Bronze Eyeshadow, Deep Grape Blush and Deep Grape Lipliner

The Con

In truth, there is only one con with Carron Cosmetics. The colours online are not the same as the colours of the product.  You will have seen that I ordered two ‘deep grape’ products.  I also ordered the bronze eyeshadow as I had planed to use it in the crease.  In reality it is a sand colour which is too light for the crease and best used on the lid.  On the website, the deep grape shades looked like imperial purple  That was what I expected.  The reality was quite different, beautiful shades but the lip liner is a deep plum tone and the blush is a mauve- maroon.  I am the type of person that would wear imperial purple on their cheek and lips so for me it was a disappointment.  I really hope that the brand can get some product images that truly reflect the shade of the product because the products are good.

Final Thoughts

This is a black owned brand so it is no surprise that of the 18 shades of foundation that run from deep to fair.  18 shades is impressive for a small new brand and I am looking forward to seeing the shade range expanded as the brand grows.  It is also important to note that  I am not the darkest shade – Huzzah.  The shade range alone puts many mainstream brands to shame.  There are images of women to help you choose your shade but if you drop a line to the company with the foundation that you are currently wearing, you can get further assitance about the shade that will be best suited to you.  I will be picking up a foundation in the next couple of months and will report back.  I’m really enjoying the products that I have, especially the blush which has become a staple on my face.

You can read more reviews of black owned makeup brands here and here.  Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reviews.

September Update – The site has recently included a reference chart for their foundations!



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