Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Temple Spa Skin Truffle

Temple Spa Skin Truffle

This product contains gold, truffles and diamonds.  I love a bit of bling, I have (industrial ) diamond in my foot buffer, twenty four carat gold in eyeshadows lip balms and well, truffles… to be honest that makes me think of chocolate.  but anyway…

Temple Spa Moisturiser 3

The packaging of this product is interesting.  I don’t really like the box, I don’t think that it reflect the lux product that is inside – for me it is not special enough.  The jar is plastic not glass and the pearlised lid looks like MAC’s Satin Taupe eyeshadow shade in solid form.

Temple Spa Moisturiser 2

Inside the jar, the isn’t a strong scent.  I am thankful it does not smell like cocoa butter, which is one of the eight ingredients, but it does not smell like strawberries, grape champagne, or black truffles either.  It takes a bit of effort to rub into the skin, but I am putting that down to the cocoa butter, which I don’t really get on with in face products.  Once is it rubbed in, it does absorb quite quickly.

Skin Truffle was five years in the making and is an award winning moisturiser, raved about in the Anti Ageing Beauty Bible so I was interested to see how it would fare on my skin.  There are some pretty lux ingredients in this product.

Gold which is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory as well as being associated with luxury.  Black Truffles – not the chocolaty type are said to reduce pigmentation and diamonds are said to boost collagen and increase radiance.  To be honest, I did not see any of these results.  In fairness it was a nice moisturiser, but it was not amazing and the price is pretty steep at £80 for 50ml

Temple Spa Moisturiser 1

Skin Truffle has lots of gold and diamond particles in it which shine bright like a diamond on your face.  How did I find that out? I let the mister use.  I didn’t know it was going to make his chocolate skin and five o’clock shadow look like Edward from Twilight when he steps into sunshine.  It was bad. He went to work like that had external meetings… shining bright like a diamond… yes really.  Oh dear.

This moisturiser is a pinky beige colour and in the pot,the gold particles are not visible but when I put it on my skin, the effect was the same.  In fairness, you need (sun)light shining on your face to see it but when you do… as I say, Edward from Twilight.  The contrast of gold and diamond against brown, as opposed to peachy pinky beige skin is significant as there are alot of these small highly reflective particles.  I know the idea is that it provides luminosity…as much as I love bling, I have to say, I didn’t like this effect AT ALL.  It meant that I had to wear it with a base product.  When I wear it under my black opal stick foundation, you don’t see any of the gold, under my NARS Sheer Glow or Iman BB Creme, you get a face bling.

Because I am obsessed with hydration, I find the effect of this product interesting.  When you apply it to the skin, it does not leave a sheen.  It goes on quite dry if that makes sense.  Which means that it is great under make up.  When you touch your face afterwards, it does not really feel moisturised, however, as the day goes on your face is never dry or tight, but I didn’t get greasy either.  It is a strange one.  My skin did not get worse using this product but it was significantly better when I used the Hydraluron under it – when speaks more about Hydraluron than Skin Truffle.

Temple Spa Moisturiser 4

I am just not sure about his product.  I can’t say it was wow on my skin, but it was not terrible either.  I am lucky in that I don’t have wrinkles so I can’t comment on that effect.  I did not find that it had a tightening or brightening effect on my skin, it did not reduce my hyperpigmentation and I did not like the ‘shine bright like a diamond effect’ but I did not dislike it.  It is a great moisturiser to put on before an evening out as it is a great base for make up.  I don’t use a primer and found that it did not slide off the skin.  It is worth a try, if you have issues associated with ageing skin, ie wrinkles and loss of elasticity and your budget allows, but if like me you are looking for a preventative, this may not be the best option.


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