Sixty Seconds With … Green People Cleanser and Make up Remover

Green People Make Up Remover PatentPurpleLife

I was gifted this sample at the Allergy and Free From Show.    Green People has been around for sixteen years and has a range of skincare, suncare, haircare  vegan products and toothpaste.  Green People also have an extensive range of make up.  I have commented previously on Twitter to the brand about the lack of products for women of colour and was advised that the make up range was relatively new…which does not address whether they will be formulating darker shades…  but anyway…

PatentPurpleLife Green People

On to the  cleanser, there is no discernible smell and it is a light white lotion.  The cleanser is ninety one per cent  organic and contains great ingredients including shea butter, jojoba and calendula.  It is also Fair Trade, Vegan and organic.  It is not tested on animals and it is alcohol free.

Green People Make Up Remover PatentPurpleLife

The white lotion is light but emulsifies make up quite well.  I had to have two goes over my face to remove my black opal foundation but it did remove a full face of make up and with some care, two coats of mascara.  I then did a final cleanse with it before following with a toner and night cream.    As a make up remover, it was ok – not great – I don’t feel that I should have to go over my face twice to remove make up.  That said, it did not absorb into my skin, and it had good slip so for just powder or low make up days it would be a good option.  Because of the level of slip, it is a good product for facial massage, or as a morning cleanser but again, it was ok not great.


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