Becca Compact Concealer.

Becca Concealer

The brand Becca has been through a bit of a roller coaster in the past twelve months.  It went into administration last year and many people  (myself included) were a bit distraught because Becca is a brand that caters for everyone.  People often talk about how it is difficult for new or small brands to cater for every skintone and my rant/retort often makes reference to Becca. A small  Australian brand that caters for everyone.  If they can do it other brands can do it too.  It is a corporate decision, not lead by formulation but by brand commitment.  Anyway, in April this year we found out that Becca was going to be retailed through Space NK (thanks Space NK) which means that we can continue to use this great brand.

Becca Concealer

Anyway,  this concealer was my first product from the range.  I picked it up at the inaugural Keziah Connections event which was held at Becca’s beautiful salon/make up store in South Kensington.  All cream and chocolate-brown it was a mecca of calm, mirrors and products.

The concealer feels really solid in the hand.  The packaging is chocolate brown and silver and it is really easy to open.  No need to get your finger nail in their the top just flips with a gentle push from your thumb.  The lid is heavy and does not stay up by itself which means that you can angle the mirror to best effect for you.  The mirror is quite small but large enough for you to see the cluster of spots that you are covering or the whole eye when you are using it under the eye.

Becca Concealer 1

Concealer is not the most exciting product in my make up bag, but I have used this product to the pan, it is that good.  I was colour matched by Kelly and my shade is almond.  The concealer is very pigmented, but the texture is very easy to work into the skin.  I can cover scars easily AND use it under the eyes to minimise the pigmentation there.  I would not go as far as to say that I have dark circles, but the skin under my eyes is slightly darker and this product makes a huge difference when I am not doing a Kim Kardashian-esque highlighter under the eye.

Becca Concealer 2

The concealer is divided into two pans as it has two textures, a thicker texture for covering blemishes and a lighter (but still gives good coverage) texture for under the eyes.  I must confess that I could not tell the difference between the textures, I just knew that whichever side I dipped my finger into ( I found the using my fingers warmed up the product and it applied better) I was able to create the flawless complexion that I wanted.


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