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Smashbox Foundation

I have no problem asking for samples, especially of foundation as I think that it is vital that you get to try before taking any twenty pound notes from your pocket.  On a recent trip to one of the larger boots stores, I asked for a Smashbox sample of their foundation, and was advised that I could try some on my hand.  For that… the sales assistant received one raised eyebrow.  I then explained that I wanted to try it so that I could see the colour match in natural light and see how much it oxidised and transferred during the course of the day.  I was then advised that I could try some on my neck.  For that… the sales assistant received two raised  eyebrows and a slight incline of the head.  I explained to the assistant that I was going to buy a small container so that… and before I could finish my sentence, she delved behind the till and came out with a small container which she put one pump of product into and sent me on my way.



I have a large face that is round like a dinner plate, one pump of product is really not going to get very far but still, it gave me the opportunity to try it so here are my thoughts.

Smashbox 1

The tone was a pretty good match.  It is the darkest colour that they do (Dark 2) and it matched my forehead and my chin.  It has a slightly red undertone and because of all the different colours going on my face,  and the fact that my neck has a very yellow undertone, I found that the difference between my face and neck was much more significant than I would normally wear, despite the fact that the colour match was not too bad. If did not transfer as much as other foundations that I have used and apart from my midday touch up, it did not leave me very oily.

Would I buy it – hmm… it is a nice foundation. Did not break me out (from one wearing) did not smell horrible or anything and I am not averse to mixing foundations but I think that I need to have a bit more of a play with it before I can say that I would add it to my collection.

  • Great post, it really is a shame that beauty sales assistants are so tight with samples. It is the opposite in the US they are more than happy to hand them out. To be honest I tend to only ask for samples at department stores, I have never asked at a Boots counter and I don’t think I will after reading this. I doubt if I will be pursuing this Smashbox foundation as I do not want my face looking different from my neck. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jo

      Hi Ronke,
      Her attitude was really bad. It was a large Boots with YSL and other brands high end brands so I was expecting better service. The fact that she had small pots for decanting seems to demonstrate that they do provide samples. Maybe she was just having a bad day. Either way – it was terrible service.




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