Rub a Dub Scrub:Naturally Made for You Pink Himalyan Salt Exfoliator with Rose and Lavender

Naturally Made for You Himalyan Salt Scrub

I spent some time at the Naturally Made stand at #TheWITJShow but they had sold out of their Grapefruit exfoliator by the time I got there (although they had a sample of it which smelt DIVINE) so I was very happy to find this exfoliator in the goody bag.

Himalyan Salt Scrub

I think that having this card on the packaging is a wonderful touch.  It gives clear instructions and contact details of the brand if you have any queries.  Wrapped up come cellophane with a pretty purple bow I could not wait to get into the Pink Himalayan Salt Exfoliator with Rose and Lavender, housed in a small plastic recyclable jar and topped with a silver lid.

Himalayan Salt Scrub 1

Naturally Made for You is a range of bath and body products that began in the kitchen of Kadifa Jones and an obsession with Mango butter.  This entrepreneurial woman, fused her love of cooking and obsession with You Tube to create some amazing product which are all naturally and loving made.

Himalayan Salt Scrub 3

The oil blend in this exfoliant is nourishing but still quite light.  Safflower seed oil, sweet almond oil  sesame seed oil are high in fatty acids and omegas, and shea butter, cocoa butter help to leave the skin nourished after use.

Himalayan Salt Scrub 2

I was a little sceptical about using this oil on dry skin as advised as some salt scrubs can be quite abrasive but there was no need to worry with this one.  If you are concerned however, I would advised rubbing some oil into the skin prior to applying to the skin or getting into the shower and dampening the skin prior to use.

Himalayan Salt Scrub 4

The main ingredient in this product is the Pink Himalayan salt , which is pink due to the high level of trace elements and minerals it has including, copper, iodine, potassium and calcium.  Table salt has a higher level of sodium chloride but has non caking agents and other preservatives which have no nutritional or skin benefits.  Salt baths have historically been used to help regulate skin conditions and to relieve muscle aches and cramps.  When using a salt scrub lots of the salt ends up in the bath tub.  Rather then it going down the plug hole, you can run a shallow bath and soak for a few minutes in the salts to get the benefits.

In the bathroom and on the skin the rose fragrance is stronger than the lavender, but the mixture of oils does leave the skin beautifully soft.  If your skin is not as dry as mine, you may be able to go without applying a body moisturiser afterwards, but I like to slather  my skin in a body oil afterwards.  This is a great product to use as part of a bedtime pampering routine.


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