Estee Lauder: Gentle Eye Make Up Remover.

Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Make Up Remover

I have been so absorbed by micellairs that I have almost forgotten  about using a separate eye make up removers but I have recently revisited them with Estee Lauder’s Gentle Eye Make Up Remover.

Elizabeth Arden Eye Make Up Remover

It was the packaging the drew  me first – the midnight blue plastic bottle.  The bottle does not have a stopper so you have to be careful the first couple of uses but I love the fact that you can really saturate a cotton wool pad.  I usually wear at least two eye shadows or a long wear shadow with eye liner and two coats of mascara and I found that it dealt with them gently.

I saturate the pad and hold it gently to my eye for about twenty seconds, I then gently wipe down my lashes, turn the pad over and wipe across my eyes.  You get an imprint of your eye make up on the cotton wool pad and the  product does not irritate or burn if you get it in the eye.  I have been keeping it in the fridge during hayfever season which has been a real joy.

It does not remove waterproof mascara but if you are looking for something gentle or something to use as a final check after you have taken off your make up with a micellair, this works well.


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