Fragrance Discovery Kits

Fragrance discovery sets - Bruno Fazzolari

How do you learn about a new fragrance brand?  Apart from blogs, instagram and youtube videos, how do you really get to know the scents in a brand and which ones will work for you. Today I’m talking about the benefit of fragrance discovery kits.

Why Discovery Sets?

Fragrance discovery sets - Le Lebo

As a fragrance addict, if I bought every scent that I liked, I would become very broke very quickly.  That is not to say that my fragarnce collection is not large and growing (I’m already at 50 plus bottles) but there are literally hundreds of new fragrances released very year.  A discovery set is a great way to work your way thorugh a fragrance brand and really work out which fragrances fram a brand you like, and which are actually full bottle worthy.

Value for Money?

Fragrance discovery sets - GallivantGenerally in fragrance, the larger size bottle you purchase the better value ml for ml you get.  From Jo Malone to By Killian bigger is better (value).  However, how many 100 or 200ml bottle of fragrance do you really need if you are not a fragrance collector?  Not that many.  Fewer if you are a person that has a signature scent.  So the question of value really depends of what you are prepared to spend on a full sized bottle from the brand.  Generally if you would spend £1 per ml on  f100ml of a fragrance, you can expect to pay 2 – 3 pounds per ml.  Sounds expensive? Yes, but still much cheaper then buying 50ml of fragrance only to find that it is a like, not a love.

How Many Applications Do You Get?

Fragrance discovery sets - Bruno Fazzolari

It’s difficult to say, depending on the size of the sample, the functionality of the atomiser, the longevity of the fragrance and how generously you spritz.  I would generally say between two and five spritzes.  Definitely enough time to see how the perfume wears on your skin and whether you want a larger decant or to pick up a full bottle.  So next time you discover a new brand and want to find out more about the fragrances, will you be picking up a fragrance discovery kit?

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