Talon Tales: Leighton Denny Manicure Pen (Rampant Rose)

Leighton Denny Rampant Rose Manicure Pen

Leighton’s manicure pens are not actually pens but consist of small bottles of polish and his one for all base and top coat.  It is a format that is very transportable and if you get one in a colour you love definitely makes sense.  It can be quite unwieldy to paint your nails with however because of the length of the manicure pen.  You do get used to it but the first couple of nails you really notice the super long pen.

Leighton Denny Rampant Rose Manicure Pen

Rampant Rose is a red with a hint of brown. It is not burgundy, but it is definitely a red-brown.  The colour is really flattering and Leigton’s formula is thick without being gloopy providing an opaque first coat and a glossy second coat.  I have used Seche Vite rather than the One For All top and base coat as I found it gave me longer wear… and I was using the product at home.

Leighton Denny (2)

Available from Marks and Spencer and other stockists for £11.00


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