Omorovicza: Queen of Hungary Mist

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

Omorovicza is a great range for pulling out hard working products that fit into any skincare regime.  The Queen of Hungary Mist is not just a toner. It is a multi functional  hardworking product and if you are looking for a luxe toner – look no further.

Queen of Hungary Mist

It has a great back story, dating back to the fourteenth century.  Whilst the specifics have been lost in the annuls of time and different sources have slightly different versions of the story – it is known that Queen Elisabeth of Hungary who was related to polish monarchy either created or was given this recipe. In the fourteenth century using a brandy base, a mixture of herbs of flowers were distilled and Hungary Water was produced.  An important part of perfume history, it was the most popular way to fragrance and freshen yourself in Europe until eau de cologne became popular.

Queen of Hungary Mist

The fourteenth century version would have been alcohol (brandy) based, the Omorovicza version is not.  Hungarian Thermal Water and Glycerine are the base for a gorgeous blend of orange, rose and sage waters.  The active in this product is from apples (fruit extract and pectin) which have vitamin c and polyphenols (anti oxidants).  There are also benefits from the sage rose and orange waters which provide anti inflamatory, regenerative and hydrating effects.

Queen of Hungary Mist (3)

If I am using it as part of my morning or evening skincare routine it tends to be when my skin is behaving itself. I will spray it into my hands and press it into the skin.  It does not leave the skin tacky or sticky and is the perfect platform for any serum of facial oil that I follow with.  My preferred way to use this product however is as a facial spritz.  If you use a powder foundation or a translucent powder, this is a great way to set your make up.  It also smells delicious and this summer it took the place of Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir.  If you want a facial spritz but dont want alcohol in it, try this one.


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