Alpha H: Absolute Eye Complex

Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex

An eye cream that you can use over the lids AND which exfoliates the very delicate eye area.  Say what???

Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex

Those two claims are the reasons why I purchased the Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex.  It is a constant mystery to me why eye creams can only be used on the orbital bone.  The skin on my orbital bone is pretty good – it get a good dose of serum and moisturiser twice a day.  The eye lid it self where the hooding and crepeiness of my maturer skin are evident was missing out.

Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex

Alpha H are the epitome of minimal packaging.  The white tube is has a black accent and writing is in grey.  My eyesight is not what it was so I wish the writing was in black but there is plenty of information on the Alpha H website.  The pump dispenses WAY too much.  Put a blob on the back of your hand, and from there, take the tiny amount you need on your ring fingers.  I also love the fact that they has a twelve months when opened shelf life.  It means that even if I am tempted by other eye products, I can come back to the Absolute Eye Complex and the formula will still be efficacious.

Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex

It has a great texture for the eye area – it is a light gel serum which is cool on the skin.  The density of the complex means that it can use it over the lid and close to the tear ducts and it wont clog the skin or cause any irritation.  It dries matte on the skin so you can follow with your eye makeup with no issues.

The formula is packed full of skin loving ingredients – cucumber for cooling, hyaluronic acid for hydration, peptides which lift the skin, beech tree extract for brightening and the exfoliation is from the hibiscus extract which is a very very mild fruit acid which removes the dead skin cells.  Keep it in the fridge to increase the cooling effect (great during hayfever season). Pop some on the backs of your hands for a gentle exfoliation.  It is plenty of product so when the mister nicks it, I am not fussed… although he applies way too much.  If you are looking for a no nonsense, easy to apply  product, give it a try.


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