Yes to Tomatoes: Clearing Facial Mask

Yes to Tomatoes Facial Clearing Mask

There are two schools of thought when it comes to clay masks.  The first is that there is no necessity to purchase an ‘expensive’ clay mask – a mass market brand will do the job, save you money for the hydrating  or exfoliating mask.  The other is that a high quality clay mask give you adsorption.  Adsorption is where the toxins stick to the surface of the clay, rather like picking up dust with sellotape.  Absorption is where toxins are assimilated which is what a piece of kitchen roll does to water.  OK – science bit over, what to do?  Both arguments have their merits.  I think for me – I will be bouncing between the two, but my current clay mask is from Yes to…. Tomatoes.

Yes To Tomatoes Clearing Facial Mask

This kaolin based mask has the added benefits of tomatoes.  Lycopene which is in high concentration in tomatoes has both anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties so a great addition to a mask.  The Tomato range from Yes To is for the combination / oily skin and is great for teens, as well as adults like me who get the occasional break out.  It is also a hit with the mister.  Unisex packaging.  No nonsense info – it does what is says on the jar.  It is petrochemical, SLS and paraben free and contains lots of fruity goodness including watermelon, pumpkin and rooibush.

Yes to Tomatoes Facial Clearing Mask

This mask dries hard but is not super stiff like the masks of old.  You can still carry out a converstaion.  It is quite easy to remove with a flannel – make sure you keep it out of your hairline an your eyebrows.  Instructions say to keep it on the skin for five minutes – I have kept in on for longer (unintentionally) and it was fine – no irritation on the skin.

Yes to Tomatoes Facial Clearing Mask

It is not the most active clay mask that I have used – I find that when I use it directly on a spot, it does not take it down significantly, but it is fine for use across the whole face as a gentle clay mask and great preparation for other masks that follow.  If you have been scarred by clay masks in the past, this would be a god option for you and if you are introducing teens to skincare this one gets the thumbs up.



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