Bathtime with Baldwins – Harmonising Bath Oil

Baldwins Harmonising Bath Oil

I still consider myself to be a shower person… but there is nothing like a good bath to calm a busy mind.  The Harmonising blend is one of six that Baldwins have created.  Lavender probably the most renowned essential oil for relaxation with it’s slightly camphorous base will hit you first when you add it to the water.  Majoram which is said to relax not only the mind but also any muscle tension and cramps leaves the bathroom with a gentle spiciness and Geranium gives a slightly floral edge and is great for the skin.  On the bottle, it says that you will get up to six baths out of the twenty five millilitre bottle but in truth I used the whole lot in a very full bath

Baldwins Harmonising Bath Oil

This is not one of those bath oils that doubles up as a massage oil or body oil.  The glycerine and soya base disperses the essential oils beautifully into the water and the recommended ten minute soak is not enough time to inhale and exhale this gentle blend.  I also like the fact that this bath oil does not leave your skin super oily / greasy.  Baldwins recommend following your bath with the corresponding moisturiser, which I would agree with but any body oil will that is unfragranced or has a complimentary smell will continue the sensory journey.  As with all Baldwins products that packaging and the price is not high end but the quality of the product will have you repurchasing regularly.


Baldwins Harmonising Bath Oil is available from the store in South London or their website and costs £7.59



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