Talon Tales: Burberry – Teal Blue (427)

Burberry Teal Blue 427 Nail Varnish


Burberry Bag

My first Burberry beauty purchase and I managed to step away from the purple shade!  I bought this in the store on Regent Street as opposed to in a department store hence the bag!

Burberry Teal Blue 427 Nail Varnish


The box is textured and a light beige shade with Burberry embossed in silver on the front.  The polish is rectangular in shape with the plaid embossed lid being two thirds of the total length of the bottle.

Burberry Teal Blue 427 Nail Varnish


Take the lid off to reveal an almost architectural shape to the bottle and a lid that you will be able to manoeuvre easily when polishing your nails. The brush is quite short but more importantly it is wide so you get good spread of polish on your nails and for me made it easier not to flood my cuticles.

Burberry Teal Blue 427 Nail Varnish


The polish is quite thick – think gel formula which I really like.  You don’t get very thin layers when you apply it but it is self levelling very quickly and you get opaque coverage with the first coat.  That said you definitely need two coats for evenness of colour and it dries to a very high shine. I went without my beloved Seche Vite for a whole week and  in this picture which was taken two days after application there is still a high gloss.  Due to the thickness of the formula, it takes longer to touch dry then some other ranges but I think it is worth it.  The thicker formula also mean that it shrinks rather than chips on the nails.  Shrinkage is always easier to touch up then chips that is another bonus.  Overall, I am really impressed with the colour and the formula. Burberry polishes retail for fifteen pounds. As a comparison  Nails Inc gel polishes are also eight millilitres and cost fourteen pounds or OPI nail lacquers are thirteen pounds are fifteen millilitres.  The Burberry nail range is not extensive so you will no doubt be able to pick up a teal polish from other brands… but who doesn’t love a luxe product?

Burberry Dark Teal


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