Weleda: Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash

Buckthorn Cream Body Wash

Sea Buckthorn is a shrub commonly found in China and Russia.  It thrives where many other plants can’t either near the sea or in semi arrid conditions.  They berry from the shrub is an orangey/red colour and it edible. Used to make liquor in Russia and and jams and drinks in Scandanavia it has a very sharp acidic taste which requires lots to sugar to make it palatable.

Buckthorn Cream Body Wash

Sea buckthorn is a super fruit.  It contains some of the highest levels of vitamin C and E of almost any other fruit (  fifteen times more vitamin C then the equivalent amount of oranges) It has high levels of omega seven which is a non essential fatty acid and carotenoids.  This mixture of constituents make it a great skincare product as it helps to protect the skin from free radical damage, UV damage and has both anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

Buckthorn Cream Body Wash

The Weleda Creamy body wash has a cream / lotion texture with the sharp smell that can initially be mistaken for orange but is the sea buckthorn which has less sweetness then orange fragrances.    The sea buckthorn oil is in a sesame seed oil base with a coconut based  surfactant.  On damp skin it produces a beautifully creamy lather that does not irritate the skin at all and is perfect for early morning showers.  Great unisex product (the mister loves it) and it does not leave the skin taut or irritated all all.  This is  a great beauty cupboard staple.


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