Sixty Seconds with… Urban Veda Soothing Body Scrub

Urban Veda Soothing Body Scrub

Urban Veda merge ayuvedic principles with affordable hard working skincare in range that is approved by the vegetarian society as well as being paraben, sodium lauryl sulphate and genetic modification free which places it firmly in the ‘natural’ sector.

Urban Veda Soothing Body Scrub

The range is divided into three sub ranges which are colour coded and correspond to the three doshas (energies) in ayuveda.  The Pitta dosha corresponds to the ‘orange’ packaging and all these products are labelled ‘soothing’.  The fragrance associated with this sub range is a sandalwood base with a mixture of lavandin (the more camphorous cousin of lavender) geranium ylang ylang. lemon, orange and other essential oils which not only impart a beautiful fragrance but also have aromatherapy benefits.  As a citrus fan, it is lovely to have a more woody fragrance in the bathroom.  I cant say that I find the fragrance ‘uplifting and balance’ as claimed, but it is a lovely  way to start the day


It is gentle on the skin.  The coconut based surfactant (foaming agent) does not leave my dry skin drier and the manual exfoliant is a mixture of pumice and walnut, which polishes the skin without scratching it so it can be used regularly without needed to blend it with your shower gel…although of course you can!  The plastic tube is recyclable but more importantly is pretty easy to cut through so you can get all off the lovely product out.


This is a lovely product to have in your bathroom whether  or not you believe in ayuvedic principles or are consciously greening your bathroom this scrub does what it says on the packaging.  Big thumbs up!


Urban Veda is available from Waitrose, Holland and Barratt and other authorised stockists and their website.  The Soothing Body Scrub retails for £8.99



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