Talon Tales: Models Own – Chrome Gold

Models Own Chrome Gold

My nails are going through a phase – a phase where they break at the slightest touch which is irritating but does not stop me from wearing polish. I did not think that Chrome Gold from Models Own would work on my very short nails but I have to say, it is not as bad as I thought it might be.

Models Own Chrome Gold

This is a great shade of ‘gold’ not too yellow/orange which I really like. The finish however is not forgiving. The effect is more molten gold then gold foil.  If you are not an expert at a painting your nails every brush stroke is going to show – from far away you cant tell but close up it can be a bit of a nightmare.  Sometimes when I wear this shade I get perfect coverage from one coat but on other days, it just isn’t happening and I really need  the second coat.

Models Own Chrome Gold

You can apply top coat but to be honest, it really doe snot need it – the colour is pretty hard wearing without it.  I did a trip to Billingsgate, came home and scaled and gutted fish for an hour without gloves on and my polish was pretty much in tact!  Without top coat.  That was impressive cos filleting and scaling Baramundi is not the easiest thing to do!  When it did start to wear it chipped rather than shrunk on the nails.

Models Own Chrome Gold

When my nails are back to their long and strong glory I will be wearing this colour on all ten digits.  Until then this is a lovely accent colour for me.

Chrome Gold from Models Own is available from Boots, Superdrug and other authorised stockists. It retails for £4.99


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