Argan + Dry Body Oil…except it’s not

Argan + Dry Body Oil

Argan + dry body oil describes itself as

‘…an all-natural 100% blend of precious Moroccan Argan oil with 4 other amazing oils: Baobab, Kukui, Moringa and Sacha Inci, all selected for their restorative, regenerating and nourishing properties.’


I have very dry skin and the blend of oils in this product are full of omega 3, 6, and 9, fatty acids, and anti oxidants.  All of which are very good for dry skin… and from the name of the product and the description, you would think that this product contains Moroccan Argan Oil blended with four other oils, wouldn’t you?  I know that I did.   The ingredients list however, shows that Paraffinium Liquidium (mineral oil) is the first item listed which means that this product is mineral oil, blended with five other oils.



Why?  Why would they do that?  Actually there are two reasons why they did that:-

a) because the hype around Moroccan Argan oil has not yet died down and they wanted a piece of the very lucrative Argan oil pie, b) because they can!

I have no issue with companies seeking to make a profit by joining a bandwagon,  but I do object to being knowingly misled.   If it had been called mineral and Argan dry skin oil, or lovely oil or oil blend with Argan and other oils,  I would have no issue, but misrepresentation is REALLY irritating.  I would love to be able to say that misrepresentation is unacceptable… but I can’t because lots of companies do it, so it is clearly accepted practice …  doesn’t make it right though.


Anyway, I did try this oil for a week, and it was not amazing.  My skin went back to its dehydrated state after about three hours.  The plastic bottle is disappointing, the smell is  ‘meh’ and whilst the instructions state that it can be used in the bath, I didn’t try that.  I was too busy ranting about misrepresentation and looking for an effective body oil!


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