QVCUK July Pick of the Month – Algenist Elevate Cream

Algenist Elevate Eye Cream

American skincare brand Algenist is one of the few brands that really focuses on firming.  Not everyone wrinkles as they age and finding effective firming products is not easy in the beauty market place.  I really liked the Firming and Lifting Cream from Algenist and found it be effective on my skin.  However it contained mineral oil and I just didn’t understand why it was added when it had a lovely range natural / botanical oils.  That is the only reason that I did not repurchase it.

Algenist Elevate Eye Cream

Two years on, Algenist have launched  Elevate Firming and Lifting Contouring Eye Cream exclusively on QVCUK.  Elevate focuses on firming (Huzzah) the skin as well as providing hydration and brightening effects on the skin.

My eyes are not my biggest area of concern on my face.  I have seen in the past couple of years the effect that hours in front of the skin is starting to take.  In addition I am featuring eye shadows on my Instagram page with the hashtag #ppleye.  I am looking at my eyes every day in these posts and I can see a real difference from when I was not using Algenist Elevate to now.

Algenist Elevate Eye Cream

Algenist is a science led brand.  They are known for Alguronic Acid which is a compound derived from micro algae that is high in anti oxidants and support hyaluronic acid production in the skin.  On the skin it is said to lessen fine lines and wrinkles. I didn’t really see that but I did notice that the darkness under my eyes has lessened slightly.

Elevate also contains a blend of peptides.  These ingredients deal with firmness and elasticity.  I have hooded eyes and Elevate can be used all over the eye inducing the lid – not just in the contour area. Silk is an ingredient found in may skincare products and in Elevate it is said to target heaviness under the brows.  I have hooded lids so this is an area where I have definitely seen improvement.

Algenist Elevate Eye Cream

The texture is not greasy, yet it is thick enough to feel nourishing.  This is a paraben free formula with shea butter, chamomile and caffeine for hydration, soothing and anti inflammatory effects.  There is also gold in this eyecream which on my deep skintone manifests itself as a pink/peach/gold hue on the skin.  Very pretty but also illuminating on the skin.

I’m really enjoying this product.  I have had it for over a month and have been using it twice a day.  If you dont have issues with your eyes this product is not for you but if you are loosing or have lost firmness in the eye area, this product is definitely worth a try.

Elevate Firming and Lifting Contouring Eye Cream is the July Beauty Pick of the Month on QVCUK It is currently available for £44.96 with no P&P cost

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