Five from the Highstreet/Drugstore #3 feat Real Techniques

Five from the highstreet #3


Five from the highstreet #3Five from the highstreet part 3 features as always a complexion product, this time from MUA. There is a very expensive but still available from the high street brush from Real Techniques and one of my favourite EVER high Street products.

Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 Tapered Blush Brush (£19.00)

Five from the highstreet Real Techniques

Please explain to me why it is necessary to have that horrible hard plastic packaging that cuts the skin when you try to get into it?  Grrr.  Anyway, the handle is quite long and because of the length of it handle and the way that it is weighted I hold the brush nearer to the ferrule than I normally would.  I bought this brush because of the tulip shape but the ferrule is pinched which means that it is quite a directional brush.  It is quite densely packed so I tend it use it more for highlighter then blusher.  It picks up alot of product so you have to be careful but the bristles are super soft and they clean up beautifully. The Bold Metals range are a very expensive synthetic high street brush.  Cheaper options are available and worth investigating.  Makeup Revolution do an almost exact dupe.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in 30 Gorgeous Berries (£8.99)

Five from the highstreet Max Factor Creme Puff

This is my favourite drug store blush ever and it is in my top 3 drugstore products ever.  Firstly I feel like Ms Pat McGrath has sprinkled a bit of fairy dust over this product.  I am not a fan of most things from Max Factor but these Hourglass ambient blush dupes are everything.  At three grams it is not an overwhelming amount of blush.  The swirling shades are pigmented on the skin but not so much.  They buff out to provide the perfect flush of colour to the cheeks. I also like to wear this as eyeshadow to transform a brown smoky eye into something more interesting.  If you have not tried these you need to because they are brilliant.

MUA Pro Base Cover and Conceal Kit in Sienna (£4.00)

Five from the highstreet MUA Coneceal and Cover

The idea of this palette is a good one.  A cream concealer kit.  Not ground breaking in the luxe or affordable market.  Two of the shades are too light for me.  The other two shades are too dark for me to conceal with .  One of the shades has a warm undertone the other has a cool undertone so I can use them to contour depending on what shade of foundation I am wearing.  I wanted to love this product but I don’t. I would rather buy one product that is the correct shade than have four that aren’t quite right.

L’Oreal Paris I Got A Feeling 008 Infallible Matte Max Lip (£7.99)

Five from the highstreet Loreal Infallible Lip

I don’t really get this product.  Much of the marketing I saw around it was to create an ombre lip. It reminds me of the Lancome Shaker Tubes.  What a waste of time and money.  The sponge applicator absorbs all the product so hardly any comes off on the lips.   Whether you swipe the applicator or dab it, it takes four times as long to get full colour payoff as it would with a standard lip gloss or lip stick.

Five from the highstreet Loreal Infallible Lip

The colour is at the pink end of the purple spectrum, very pink and you don’t get an opaque coverage.   If you want the bee stung lip stain look, take your normal lippie and apply it with your finger. There are easier and better ways to create an ombre lip in my opinion.

Lottie London Voltage (£5.99)

Five from the highstreet Lottie London Voltage

OMG this colour is epic.  All kinds of swirling galaxy green into purple, into blue.  Multi chromatic shifting colour in the the bottle.

Five from the highstreet Lottie London Voltage

On the nails it goes on thinly so apply three coats to get the same effect that you see in the bottle.  Alternatively apply over black polish for intensity.  I  Love it.

Look out for more five highstreet finds next month.  You can find my two previous installments here and here.



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