Top Five Eyeshadow Brands (2018 Edit)

Top Five Eyeshadow Brands (2018 Edit)

Top Five Eyeshadow Brands (2018 Edit)

My favourite makeup product is eyeshadow.  Look at my instagram feed and you will see my hooded eyes featured regularly on my page.  Why, so that I can showcase some of my significant eyeshadow collection.  Today I am going to share my favourite five eyeshadow brands… and a couple of honourable mentions.

MUFE Artist Palette Colours You Crave

Two Honourable Mentions

IMATS 2017 Cozzette Ultimate Eyeshadows

I have to give a special mention to Makeup Forever and Cozette.  Both these brands make AMAZING eyeshadows.  The only reason that they are not in my top five is becuase there are two brands that I decide to elevate for special reason but I have shadows from both these brands and I really enjoy them.


Fifth Place – Viseart

Viseart eyeshadow palettes

The Viseart matte eyeshadow formula is a very special.  Highly pigmented, easily blendable and available in a wide range of colours. I have several palettes and use them not only as eyeshadows but also blush, in my brows and contour.  I have some of their shimmer shades in the Absinthe and Amethyst Therory Palettes.  They are good shadows, but no where near the quality of the mattes.  Everyone talks about how expensive they are, the majority of my favourite shadows are not from the drugstore. I think the price reflects the quality of product and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Fourth Place – Natasha Denona

Top Five Eyeshadow Brands (2018 Edit)

A couple of years ago YouTube went crazy for Natasha Denona. Her eyeshadows were seen to be overly expensive and yet were highly coveted. In particular her shimmer and metallic shades were butter soft in gorgeous colours and dynamite on the lid.  Her mattes are a little dry and harder to blend then Viseart but are still a good eyeshadow.  Her shimmers however brilliant.  I would not recommend the 28 pan palette unless you are a pro artist.  Find a quint with shades that you love and go for it.

Joint Second Place – Coloured Raine and Juvias Place

Top Five Eyeshadow Brands (2018 Edit)

It may seem unfair that I rate the eyeshadows  from Juvias Place and Coloured Raine so highly when I only own one palette from each brand.  However these two brands have a very special place in my heart and my eyeshadow stash for two reasons. Firstly these are black  female owned makeup brands.  The ability of these brands to grow in the way that they ahve over the past couple of years has been down the democratic nature of the internet.  I first heard of these brands via Instagram.

Top Five Eyeshadow Brands (2018 Edit)

Large YouTubers got to hear about them and these small acorns of brands are now a daily staple for women from all races.  Secondly, and more importantly eyeshadows are exellent quality and reasonably priced.  Having a transition shade that works for my rich skintone is always a blessing.  Both brands knock pigmentation out of the park.  Creamy shimmers, and better then average mattes.  Being in the UK, these brands are not the easiest to get hold of but if you dont want to spend as many coins as Viseart and Natasha Denona require.  Spend your coins with these brands.

First Place – Pat McGrath

Top Five Eyeshadow Brands (2018 Edit)

I have bought seven Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes in the last four months.  Why? Because the packaging is divine, the colours are unique and the formulas of both the matte satin and shimmer shades are perfection.  Pat McGraths makeup range is the definition of  #blackexcellence.  Her black eyeshadow is a true black and each of her eyeshadow palettes contains a transition colour that is suitable for my rich skintone.  Not every brand can does that.  If I could only use one range of eyeshadows for the rest of my days it would be Pat McGrath hands down no question.

Pat McGrath Mothership Subliminal Eyeshadow Palettes
Palette III

Are you an eyeshadow fanatic?  If you are, let me know your favourite brand in the comments below.

Read more of my eyeshadow reviews here and here.  Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reviews.



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