Pat McGrath Mothership Subliminal Eyeshadow Palettes I II and III

Pat McGrath Mothership Subliminal Eyeshadow Palettes

Pat McGrath Mothership Subliminal Eyeshadow Palettes

The Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes are an early Christmas present to myself.  Errr… who am I kidding.  I bought them because I love Pat McGrath and I love eyeshadow and the colours and textures looked amazing onlineand I just wanted them. Several of my beauty obsessed friends told me that they were not going to buy these palettes cos they were too expensive.  To them I say WHATEVA  The shadows and packaging are worth it.  To be blunt, I would rather have 1 Pat McGrath  eyeshadow palette then five or six Morphe /’ ColourPop / L’Oreal palettes  #sorrynotsorry.  Oh and yes I did buy all three and no I don’t regret it at all.

Pat McGrath Subliminal Mothership Palettes


Each palette has a beutiful outer cardboard box which I am not throwign away. Inside there is a beautiful black lacquer box which opens to a 90 degree angle.  It has a mirror with a bezeled edge which is large enought for you to do your eyes with.   It is weighty.  The packaging is boudoir worthy.  No flimsy cardboard here.  Do I wish there was some form of differentiation on each palette? It would have been nice, but there are ways to customise them.  Personally I keep mine in the cardboard so I know from the outside which is which.

Pat McGrath Mothership Subliminal Eyeshadow Palettes
Palette I

Mothership I Subliminal Palette (blues and violets)

  • Skinshow Nude
  • Depth
  • Ultimate Taupe
  • Pale Gold 002
  • VR Violet
  • Astral White
  • Litz Blue
  • Substance
  • Lilac Dusk
  • Xtreme Black

Mothership III Subliminal Palette

Pat McGrath Mothership Subliminal Eyeshadow Palettes
Palette II – Thanks FedEx for throwing my palette around in your van!

Fiery coppers poetic pinks

  • Skinshow Glow
  • Copper tones
  • Iconic
  • Bronze 005
  • VR Nectar
  • Astral Ghost Orchid
  • Blizt Emerald
  • Rose Dusk
  • Dark
  • Xtreme Black

Mothership III Subliminal Palette

Pat McGrath Mothership Subliminal Eyeshadow Palettes
Palette III

Vivid violets, mutational blues, sumptuous greens

  • Skinshadow Fever
  • Night Creature
  • Deep Shade
  • Gigabyte
  • VR Pink
  • Astral Ghost Orchid
  • Blitz Amethyst
  • Black Metal
  • Lazarus
  • Xtreme Black


Each palette has two textures of eyeshadows.  The Powder Luxe Pressed Shadows of which there are six in each palette are a mixture of matte  (eg Xtreme Black) and satin textures (eg Skinshow Fever).  The mattes are very pigmented and easy to blend.  They are Viseart level good.  The satins are perfection.  One swipe opacity again easy to blend and perfect for a one shadow look.  The other shades are Metallic Sheens (eg VR Pink).  They are the show stoppers in the palette, super reflective multi dimensional glitters. They have a dry texture so you may prefer to use your finger rather than a brush, or a damp brush.  If you use them dry there is alittle fall out, but not as much as with other glitters I have used.

Pat McGrath Subliminal II Palette Swatches


Because I bought all three I got them for $100 each which is £75 which means that it is 7.50 per shadow.  If I had bought one palette the cost was $125 which is £94 per palette which is £9.40 per eyeshadow. I have and would pay for for a single eyeshadow from MAC and Makeup Forever, so while this is not the cheapest makeup in my stash I don’t think it is expensive.  The Luxe Pressed formula is  1.2g per pan and the Metallic Sheen  1.5g per pan.  The price per gram comes out at approximately (give or take) £5 per gram which I am not mad at at all.  Cheaper than Natasha Denona and the packaging is really worth it.

For context, you can get four eyeshadow palettes from Tom for £64 for £11 more you get more product, more shades and better packaging.  Obviously you can get the same amount or more for less but I am more than happy to pay it.  Even Subliminal II which I did not think that I would get as much use out of is proving to be infinitely wearable.

Pat McGrath Subliminal I Palette Swatches

Duplicate shades

Xtreme Black is found in each palette. I don’t have a problem with that.  Firstly because it is a brilliant black tone that I can mix with the more neutral shades in the palette to super intensity or darken shades.  Also because it indicates to me that each palette can be used by itself

Astral Ghost Orchid is another repeat  It is a topper shade and I do like it.  Do I wish that another topper shade has been included, yes, but it does not take away from my love of these palettes.

Pat McGrath Subliminal III Palette Swatches

Final thoughts.

You do not need to be a makeup artist to love and appreciate and get value from these shadows. You just need to be someone that loves and wears eyeshadow. As with Matte Trance, from concept to delivery, these shadows are fantastic and I do not regret my purchase for one second.  These are part of the permanent range so you don’t have to rush to get them. I don’t know if Net a Porter will be bringing them to the UK any time soon.  I wish they would cos FedEx chucked my palettes around and some of the pans are loose.  If you love Pat and you love eyeshadow you need to do it.  Sorry but you do!!

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