When The  Universe Tells You It’s Time To Cut Your Nails. 

Cut Your Nails

My nail length varies from stubby to ‘pretty long’ but during the summer of 2017 my nails thrived…. until they didn’t.  In fairness I knew  the time to cut my nails was drawing nearer but I ignored the signs.  Then one morning whilst opening some blogger-mail… my thumbnail broke.

Cut Your Nails
Nails Inc – Curzon Gate

The first thing I can tell you about a broken thumb nails is that the pain is excruciating.  The second thing is means is that it is time to cut the rest of your nails.  If you have gel or acrylic nails and think that I am making a fuss over nothing… this post is not for you.  If like me your natural nails go through growth spurts – let my pain be fair warning to you.

Cut Your Nails
Tom Ford – Viper


I work in an office and spend a lot of time writing reports. I learnt to touch type in my twenties so my typing speed and accuracy are pretty good.  Generally.  Except for when my nails are too long. My accuracy goes out the window as my talons are hitting two keys at a time or I have to use my nails rather than the pad of my fingers to press keys.

Cut Your Nails
Burberry – Pale Grape

Texting and Whatsapping

Typing on a keyboard (see above) is not easy but manageable.  With long nails typing on my phone is a blimin’ nightmare.  So frustrating!  I have to use the pades rather than the tips of my fingers and I am touching the wrong keys ALL the time.  It is worse then predictive text!

Cut Your Nails
Dielle – Sweet Virtue

Buttons on my cardigan.

So, I have a lovely work cardy from M&S and it has small… but not tiny buttons which are increasingly a ball ache to do up.  With long nails I don’t have the dexterity to navigate the perfectly formed button holes.  What is going on?

Cut Your Nails
Body Shop – Almond Kiss

Scratched the Mr

True story!  I went to poke the Mr in the back of his head (as you do when you have been together for a long time.  I am not advocating it for you in your relationship but it works for us) and I forgot my nails were long and I scratched him.  IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. I did not mean to, it did not draw blood, I apologised immediately, kissed it better and he was good.  I felt bad, I really did… but I did not cut my nails!

Cut Your Nails
Nails Inc – Picadilly Court


I drive a manual car. I have driven this car for many years so my hand knows where to go to get into gear automatically…. Except when my nails are long I am constantly banging them against the plastic area in front of the gear stick. It‘s a problem.

Ignore them at your peril

The universe gave me all these signs and I ignored them all.  Without exception. So you know what the universe did?  The universe gave me a sign which I could not ignore.  I broke my blinkin’ thumb nail when I was opening a box of product.  During an Instagram stories!  It was not pretty or pleasant.  So, you know what I did? I listened to the universe and I cut my nails.

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