Talon Tales: Eve Snow – Alter Ego

Eve Snow Alter Ego

Can you believe this is my first nail colour review of 2015??  Seriously where has the time gone!  Anyway, I am staring with a fab colour.  Eve Snow which is a British nail brand with a twist.  The idea of a free from nail polish is now established in the market and this range is free from formaldyhydes and phtalates.  However twist is that it also has three added ingredients.

Eve Snow Alter Ego

In the case of the colour that I picked up from Fenwicks, the added ingredients are Vitamin E, Gingko Biloba and Argan oil.  Personally, I  am not convinced of the benefits to the nail of a topical application of Gingko Biloba in a nail enamel formula, but I like the idea of adding ingredients to a polish so I will go with it.

Eve Snow Alter Ego

The colour the I picked up is called Alter Ego.  There was a purple (Bella Vita) was calling my name but Alter Ego with its duo chrome (blue and grey with flashes of pink) effect demanded my attention.  Eve Snow define this colour as a foil.  I don’t agree.  This is definitely a shimmer top coat.  I had hoped that the colour intensity would be sufficient to give me an opaque finish on the nails but after three coats I could still see my nails under the colour.  Disappointed by not deterred I applied it over a dark colour and the effect was AMAZING.


Eve Snow Alter Ego
From Right to Left 1 coat of Alter Ego, Two Coats of Barry M Black, Two Coats of Barry M Black with one coat of Alter Ego and three coats of Alter Ego

The wear of this polish is not the longest – I found that it shrank after a couple of days but as I am using it as a shimmery topcoat I just reapplied over the whole nail.  I love the colour but I do think that it is a bit expensive – fourteen pounds for ten millilitres makes it more expensive then OPI which is a pro range, has similar colours and lasts longer the nails.


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