Caudalie: Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peeling Mask

In September last year, I made a committment to a regular mask routine.  Clay mask, followed by an exfoliating mask followed by a hydrating mask that I sleep in.  Generally, this routine is carried out on a sunday and I started with this mask.  Caudalie’s, Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask.  This was my first exfoliating mask and I have to say that I have been very very impressed.


I am prepared to work at exfoliating. I think I am one of the few people that used Decleor’s Phytopeel regularly even though it was an almighty faff. you had to apply it, leave it for a couple of minutes and then gently roll it off. It left the skin beautifully exfoliated, but also left bits in your hair and you needed ALOT of time and to be very gentle with the skin. This enzymatic mask is the opposite of that. you apply it, you leave it and remove it. Speaking of faffs… the box…


…  once you have taken the mask out – you cut down the side to reveal the instructions, some other products in the range and a code for you to put into the Caudalie website Hmmm. Bit of a faff quite honestly. I appreciate that it uses less resource (packaging) to have the information on the inside and outside of the box BUT I would have preferred the instructions to be on the back of the box and then the additional information about the range on the inside of the box, for those who wish for more information.


This is a very creamy, thick white mask, which is easy to apply to the skin. It is perfumed but the fragrance (slightly woody)  is not overpowering. Once on the skin, I did not experience any tingling or sensitivity.   The mask does not set hard, you can still talk with it on which means that it does not peel off.  I remove it with a flannel.  The results are great – skin that is smoother to the touch, and the appearance is clarified and brighter, the skin is not tight after use.  I am heavy-handed with product and I found that fifty millilitres lasts more than four months.  Best of all is the result that I notice when I don’t use this mask.  If I miss this exfoliating mask out of my mask routine, I notice that the texture is not as refined as the week that I do use it. I don’t use a primer so I also notice that my complexion products sit better on my skin in weeks that I use this product.







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