Sisley (Radiant Glow Express Mask) Masque Eclat Express

I think that a clay mask must have been the second treatment product I ever purchased after an exfoliating scrub.  They always used  be mud coloured, used to dry hard like set concrete, be a nightmare to remove and not smell especially nice.   These days however, I use Sisley’s Radiant Glow Express Mask.  The experience and the effect on my skin is nothing like the masks that I used to use.


The mask is a pinky/coral colour, similar to the tube which it is packaged in as a result of the  red clay in the formula.  Red clay, unlike the green clay from my youth has a high iron content .  This mask is  creamy which makes it possible to watch tv make facial expressions and laugh without cracking the mask despite the slight tightening as the mask dries.


The botanicals in the mask include carrot rosehip, chamomile and rosemary, which give the mask the  slight eucalyptus/woodness to the fragrance as well as calming and purifying the skin.  As the mask dries, the pink colour seems to fade, but when it is removed on a flannel it is there.  I use quite a thin layer, but a slightly thicker layer on white heads .  It is great at drawing out white heads, especially those on the jawline. The packaging is quite sturdy so as you go down the tube you can give a good squeeze without the tube cracking and then I generally cut the top of the tube off to get to every last morsel.

After five minutes,  the mask is tacky to the touchy, but not completely dry and it is time to remove it.  I use a flannel but it is easily removed by rinsing with warm water.  I love the fact that this mask does in five minutes what other masks take ten or fifteen minutes to do.  Sisley do masks so well.  My skin is always clearer after use and any whiteheads are drawn out.  Fast and effective is a winning combination in a beauty product.

Are you a fan of Sisley masks?



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