Beauty in the Car: with Elemis Pro Radiance and Pro Collagen

I have talked previously on this blog  about the importance of lip balm in the car.  The only other beauty item that I religiously use in the car is handcream. My criteria for a car hand cream is quite specific:-

Not too thick – because I need to be able to squeeze it out of the tube easily regardless of the temperature inside and outside the car

  • Not too thin – nothing worse than putting hand cream on at the traffic, the light change and the handcream streams into your lap
  • Moisturising  but easily absorbed – turning a steering wheel with greasy hands is a non starter
  • Unisex – everyone who enters my car gets offered handcream and generally, my dad and my mister are the worst offenders in terms of dry hands.  If I offered them a tube with flowers or was stereotypically girlie or pink, they would just say no thanks. 
  • I like it – it is my car, so I need to enjoy using it.

So my current hand cream of choice is Elemis Pro Radiance hand and nail cream.


Simple but not boring packaging, hard working ingredients, lightly fragranced,  and a little goes a long way – which is important when large man hands are squeezing product from the tube. If there are kids in the back, this can be used on their knees and elbows and every body part in between that is looking or feeling a bit dry.


I have a secret though… in the drivers door there is another Elemis tube.  Pro Collagen Radiantly Smooth Body Cream.  It is not strictly a handcream but it has the anti ageing benefits of the pro collagen rage,  it hydrates without being greasy and more importantly it has an ‘illuminating effect’ – aka SHIMMER!!!!  Teeny tiny flecks of gold .It is very very subtle shimmer which is quite dispersed on the skin but in the headlights of other cars on when the sun is shining through the windscreen there it is.

What handcream do you have in your car?


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