Talon Tales: Barry M Block Orange (301)

Barry M Block Orange

There is quite a buzz at the moment with Paramore’s Hayley Williams collection for MAC.  Orange is a very brown girl friendly colour and whilst the collection looks lovely I already have an orange nail varnish which meets my needs..  Barry M varnishes are great quality – no streaking,  two coats looks great …but I’m a bit extra so I sometimes go for three… just because I can.


Not all orange nail colour  is created equally.  Too much yellow in the blend or red in the blend and it does not register as orange with my skintone.  This Barry M colour  is a gem – I have had it for a while but it is still available.  Block Orange is not quite neon and more intense than an orange that you eat, but still an amazing, juicy colour.  Office friendly, pretty long wearing and great value.  Love it.


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