Combating Dry Skin: Florame Lait Corporel Amande

The gorgeous Kareen at Ziba blog agreed to do a Beauty Swap with me back in March. I love a good body product and had read her review on Florame body moisturiser I thought that I would give it a try.  Kareen had raved about it so I thought it could not be bad.


I remember that it arrived on my sister’s birthday and because I had missed the postie on the previous day. I went to the post office on the way to work, so I carried the product with me all through the work day.  In fact, I took the package to work with me.  If you follow me on Twitter, the pictures that I posted were taken  in the office loos (much to the amusement of colleagues.)

Anyway, I went to my parents house to celebrate my sister’s birthday and I was talking to my ma about the beauty swap, she thought it was a fab idea and asked if she could try the body lotion.  I have to admit, I hesitated …cos… well.. I had not use it yet, and more importantly, I had not photographed it or anything… but she is my ma, so I let her.  She took three pumps and she went away with a smile on her face.  Then of course my sisters had to try it… so by the time they had exposed necks, decolletes, arms and legs, and thoroughly doused themselves in the product it was time to eat and then time to go home.

Once home, I got to try it for myself.  My first impression was ohhhh no.  This is a runny lotion, a milk in fact as described on the bottle,  so I assumed that it would be not rich enough for me.  I like a thick cream and in March we were still experiencing some very cold temperatures in London. 


The second thing that hit was the smell.  To me, it is a very strong marzipan smell.  It is not the same smell as putting your nose in a bag of almonds  but on the first few sniffs, I found it overwhelming (ohh no again).  But as I stated to rub the pure white milk into my skin, and there was an ahhhh moment.  It is the moment you feel the almond oil kick in.  Literally.  Which is very pleasant, and makes you realise that despite the lotion consistency,  it is richer then it appears

A  quick check of the ingredients shows that there is more  sunflower seed oil and shea butter than almond oil in this product.  Interestingly perfume is not listed in the ingredients so the fragrance which is quite strong comes from the combination of ingredients.  Florame does not test on animals and this body milk does not contain synthetic colours, parabens, silicones GMOs or phenoxyethanol.

The weather has  now warmed up… and this product has now come into it’s own.  I have been using it on its own and about twice a week mixing it with Decleor Prolagene Gel for a firming treatment.  Despite my original reservations, this has been a great spring body lotion keeping my skin moisturised for the day once we started to consistently achieve temperatures over ten degrees Celsius.

  • Haha, if you don’t like something, there’s no shame in saying you don’t like it! But I’m glad that the lotion is finally suiting your skin more with the change in season. Sometimes people’s preferences for the smell of beauty products can be as arbitrary as people’s preferences for pastries! Love the story of your mom and sisters trying this lotion first before you got to try it. Btw, I think I found a good hair conditioner that you might like. Gonna talk about it on my blog sometime this week and make a shout out to you.

    • Jo

      Hi Kareen, I have to admit that when I first smelt it I was not keen! But it did not take too long to get used to it – I am nearly at the end of the bottle. The warmer weather has made a real difference to it’s efficacy on my skin!! Pastries – has to be apple!!!

      Look forward to hearing about the conditioner




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