Event: Cosmetics a la Carte Custom Blend Experience.

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Today my blog is one year old  (happy blog-anniversary to meee)….and yesterday I got to do something that had been on my beauty wish list for almost as long as I have been blogging.

The Cosmetics a la Carte Custom Blend Experience. 

I know!

Hafsa from Muslimah Beauty  (she has a great blog – check it out)  ran a competition on her blog to win the Cosmetics a la Carte Custom Blend Experience, so  I entered a few weeks back, and I did not think much more of it.  Then a couple of days ago, I got  a message from Hafsa on Twitter informing me that I’D WON!!!!!!!

1-Cosmetics a la carte sige

I went to Motcomb Street and met with Stephanie who created the blend for me.  So after asking me about my current foundation preferences, and cleansing my face with Total Lift Off – their one step cleanser Stephanie got to work blending Olive, (much lighter than my skin) Spice (closest to my skin) and Espresso (a couple of shades darker than my skin) – in the Skin Velvet which is a demi matte finish.  After a couple of iterations the blends were a bit ashy on my skin.  Spice by itself was quite a good match  and the colour that I would have chosen from their pre-blended range if custom blending was not an option.

1-Custom blending

I asked Stephanie whether I had red or yellow undertones, and her response was a wry smile.  Turns out I have both which is problematic in itself… and not helped that I have very yellow undertones in my neck and chest.. and that area is many shades lighter than my face.   On top of that, I have some scars from spots which are dark.  So, whilst Stephanie did make reference to the yellow tones in my neck, she did not create a yellow based foundation for me as it would not account for the red tones in my face.  So on with the blending…. the same three colours with the addition of some Pure Pigment Corrector in Russet.  Some kind of alchemy took place because this blend created my perfect shade.  Not too yellow, not too red, not too light, not too dark and not at all ashy.  Hurrah.

1-Custom blending 3

The experience was brilliant. Stephanie took her time – I did not feel rushed in any way and she made me go outside to check the different blends in the light every time.  The whole process took around 45 minutes. If you have ever had a problem getting a foundation colour or you have a special occasion coming up, the Custom Blend experience is definitely for you.

Big thanks to Hafsa for running the competition, PopPR for making the arrangements and Stephanie at Cosmetics a la Carte for creating my blend.


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