Illuminating Fragrance: Pintail Honeysuckle Candle

Pintail Honeysuckle Candle

Honeysuckle CandlePintail are a British candle company based in the Lake District.  They have a range  of candle types but their filled candle is the one I see most commonly stocked in boutiques and independent shops in my local area.

Honeysuckle Candle (2)

I picked up their Honeysuckle candle over the summer, but have been burning it for the past couple of nights. There is a large honeysuckle plant in my parents garden so I am very familiar with the scent.  The fragrance from the candle is a good recreation.  It falls into the white florals group.  It is not as intense as tuberose and not as sweet as magnolia but it is a light white sweet floral that gives a clean rather then heady ambiance to a room.   For me, this is not a fragrance to cocktail, I’m rather enjoying the simplicity of the solifloral scent.

Honeysuckle Candle (3)

This is a smaller candle then I usually burn.  With an eighteen hour burn time, it will not last longer then a week at my home.  The metal tin gets hotter then glass jars but once a candle has been lit it really should not be moved around.  The scent from this tin fills the room pretty quickly and whilst the room does not hold the scent as much as some other candles, these candles are good options to travel with and to introduce  you to a scent you may not be familiar with.



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