Illuminating Fragrance: Oud Candle Edit

Oud Candle Edit


Oud Candle Edit PackagingLast week I talked about my journey to oud. This week it is the oud candle edit.  An important part of my oud journey has been home fragrance.  I think that candles (and reed diffusers) are a good way to develop an appreciation for a fragrance note.   Home fragrance can be a lighter, less intense way to experience a fragrance  as opposed to  wearing it on the skin.  With candles the fragrance intensity starts gently and builds.  With fragrance on the skin, the initial spritz, especially of oud fragrances can be quite overwhelming.  It is often in the dry down that you get to the heart (pun intended) of the scent.  Whenever I am thinking about experiencing a new fragrance note, I generallly buy a candle first to see how I feel about it before investing in the fragrance.

Oud Candle Edit

My first oud candle was Black Oud from the Ritual Private Collection.  It was a small candle that packed a punch and my favourite from the selection.  It really opened my nose (geddit!) to the note and the possibility that I might be able to wear it as a fragrance. Since that smalll and mighty candle, I have been buring oud candles regularly.  My current oud candle edit consists of…

Oud Candle Edit Packaging

*Lilou et Loic – Midnight Oud  (The Subtle Oud) [£50.00]

Lilou et Loic is a British Brand created by Scandanavian friends who met in London.  Midnight  Oud is part of their  Signature Candle range.  The subtle scent means that regardless of who is in your home or what activity you are doing it is an appropriate fragrance.  The fragrance is woody and soft – there is nothing fecal or ranke about it.

Oud Candle Edit Packaging

I do recognise the oud note, but this clever blend means that it is never overwhelming.  I like to burn this candle in the morning.  It eases me gently into the day.  The packaging makes this super giftable not only the pretty cylindrical box which feels very feminine but also the silver glassware.  The Lilou et Loic logo is in clear glass so as the candle burns it illuminates – it is a gorgeous feature and I really enjoy this candle.

Oud Candle Edit Packaging

True Grace – Portabello Oud (The Sparkling Oud) [£35.00]

My first introduction to Portabello Oud was at the True Grace boutique in Burlington Arcade.  True Grace is one of my favourite candle brands so it is interesting to experience their interpretation of the oud note.This fragrance is spicy, woody and bright with a touch of leather..  The oud note is bolder than in Midight Oud.

Oud Candle Edit Packaging

This oud candle is not for you if you are not yet acosmtoed to the note. Why I enjoy this candle so much is thanks to the sparkling bergamot.  It really lifts the scent and whenever I burn this candle I  just feel brighter.   This is a mid strength oud note so perfect for people like me who prefer to mix their oud with a citrus note or for the urban hipsters in your life!!

Oud Candle Edit


*Molton Brown – Oud Accord and Gold  (The Oudy Oud) [£36.00]

Moton Brown  need no introduction.  Their hand washes and lotions can be found in many homes and some of the best hotels globally.  I think their candles are not as well known but this brand know how to make a good candle.  I LOVE Oud Accord and Gold.  This is probably as oudy as I can handle in a home fragrance but it is delicious and intoxicating and intense and warming.

Oud Candle Edit

From the opulent gold glass holder to the scent of the candle, this is decadent.  Oud Accord and Gold is definitely a candle for people who appreciate the note.  It smells expensive and luxurious yet at the same time relaxing.  The oud note is pretty strong for the first couple of minute and then the spicy notes settle and there is a touch of sweetness too.  This is definitely an evening oud, ideally with a glass of syrah and a good book.  Delicious.

Final thoughts

I think about  Midnight Oud as an eau fraiche, Portabello Oud as a eau de toilette and Oud Accord and Gold an eau de parfum.  I can burn Midnight out for hours but Oud Accord and Gold for an hour or two. This oud candle edit really has helped me to become accustomed to what can be quite a polarising note.

If you have a favourite oud candle, please let me know.  Read more candle reviews here and here.  Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reiews.

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