Illuminating Fragrance: Melt Neroli and Rose Candle

Melt Neroli and Rose Candle

It’s candle time!  Always one of my favourite products to review, if you want the lowdown on the Melt Neroli and Rose Geranium candle – keep reading.

Melt Neroli and Rose Candle

The Brand

Melt is a British company based in Lancashire.  They had been on my radar for a while because  all the candles hand made.  The ingredients are locally  sourced, tall and thin candles.  Love the name, it is like a church candle the other candle is hsort and fat.

Melt Neroli and Rose Candle   The Packaging

The box is slightly flocked which was a great feature but since unlike fragrance boxes candle boxes go straight into the bin, it felt like a bit of a waste..  The candle looks like a standard candle, church candle.  Tall and stout. Not the most aesthetically pleasing candle that I have purchased but I know better than to judge a book by it’s cover.  Melt candles of this size retail for 17.95 which I think is a fair price for the 75 hours of burntime that you get. I like this candle but I don’t love it.  Neroli and rose generanium is a common combo.

Melt Neroli and Rose Candle

The Scent

This is a very soft, subtle scent.  To be honest, too soft for my preference.  I was really hoping for a bolder scent as I adore neroli.  Without reading the note breakdown I would have described this as a white floral, which of course neroli is.  However, I was expecting the rose geranium to add something to the blend, a green note or perhaps a fruity floral elemnt.  Sadly, I did not detect it at all.  To add to the confusion, the Melt website lists rose not rose geranium in the note breakdown.  As you know I am not a fan of rose so I am glad I could not detect it when I burnt the candle.

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell from the tone of this review, the candle itself left me  disappointed.  Burn time aside, the fragrance was to subtle for my taste.  If you have a large home (which, sadly I don’t) you will need to purchase several candles to get the throw of fragrance needed to create a fragrance based ambience.

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