Illuminating Fragrance: Illume Gardenia

Illume Gardenia

I love the smell of Gardenia.  I am still lamenting the fact that Vintage Gardenia cologne from Jo Malone has been discontinued but I digress…


Illume is an American home fragrance range which makes candles with natural soy wax.  The box is very pretty with a floral detail elements, and a grid pattern that is replicated inside the box on the glass holder.   I really appreciate the attention to detail.


Gardenia is a white flower that can be heady and overpowering in lesser quality candles.  That is not the case with the Illume candle.  It fragrances the room beautifully after approximately ten minutes of burning.  It is a pleasant  inoffensive fragrance.  the type of candle you would burn to be background, not to mask a smell in a room.  It is not stimulating or energising just a lovely way to fragrance the room with a floral note.



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