Batting my lashes: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum

Prevage Lash and Brow Serum

Prevage (21)After blemish free skin, I think that long eyelashes is my most fantasised about beauty goal.  False eyelashes are great, but fiddly so I like to save them for high days and holidays.  Lash serums continue to be the interim step between natural lashes and gloriously long lashes like the mister has (not that he appreciates them!).

Prevage (7)

Prevage is a serum that can be used on both lashes and brows.  This is a huge benefit because eyelash serums are not cheap and to have to buy a separate product for brows is a faff.  My brows are like baby tadpoles (all head little tail) so enhancing my brows is definitely something that I am interested in. It does not have the same priority as eyelashes though because I can use pencil/powder to fill them in.

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Elizabeth Arden will take you that a clinical study was carried out and that all the women in the clinical trial noticed an improvement in the length and volume of their lashes.  That’s great, but the clinical trial consisted of thirty people.  It was a teeny tiny trial.  That is not to say that the results are not accurate, but it was a very small sample size. The packaging is very simple.  A silver tube which the lid screws in to and a velveteen pouch that it can be kept in.

Prevage (11)


I have been using Prevage for about six weeks.  The first two weeks I a consistent using it every evening, but in the run up to Christmas I have missed a few nights.  In the first two weeks I did not notice an increase in length in my eyelashes.  But as with Revitalash, all of a sudden, I noticed a difference in the look of my lashes after I applied mascara, and then when I got my eyebrows threaded I noticed that my tail was a bit longer.

The serum is thicker then Revitalash.  it feels cold when applied and stays on the skin for some minutes before it is absorbed.  Don’t make the mistakes of applying it to the eyes and then going straight to sleep.  It will go into your eyes and sting.  Let it absorb before you lie down.  I apply the colourless serum to my lashline, as I would an eyeliner after my evening skincare routine.

Some eyelash serums affect the colour of the iris.  I have not had that issue.  The ingredients are a mixture of vitamins which condition the lashes and the peptide complex which support the natural growth cycle of the lashes.  Now I am into my second month  I am seeing a difference after I have applied mascara.  The tail of my eyebrows is not as dense as the head, but there is definite length there.


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