Talon Talons featuring Tinu Bello, Colour Riot Nails and Butter London

Butter London Royal Navy and 444

Last week I attended Keziah Connections which showcased ColourRiot Nails and their founder Tinu Bello.  Whilst I was having a manicure but the very fabulous team, I took the opportunity the opportunity to ask Tinu some questions about nails.  I asked Tinu if she could only choose one nail brand which would she choose.  After looking at me like I had asked her to slaughter a goat with her bare hands, I let her choose three brands.  One luxe, one affordable and one in the middle.

Her choices were Dior, Butter London and Barry M.  I know and love Barry M polishes but had never used a Dior polish before.  Tinu explained that they were in her opinion far superior to many ‘pro brands’ and other fashion house brands due to the long lasting formula and beautiful edit of colours.  Manicures at Keziah Connects were done using Dior and my manicure lasted five days before it began to shrink. Tinu is manicurist to the stars including Jessie J and Rita Ora, so if Tinu recommend Dior polish – it is only fitting that I make a purchase – look my review will be up next week with the hashtag #tinumademedoit

Dior 338 Mirage Nail Polish

Tinu is an educator for Butter London so it is not a surprise that she recommended them but I asked her why Butter London.
Butter London Royal Navy and 444

After waxing lyrical about the base coat she spoke about the longevity, the range of colours and the fact that the range is formaldehyde free.  Very generously we were gifted some colours.  I received Royal Navy and 444 and can confirm that the formula is lovely.

Butter London Royal Navy and 444

I was especially impressed with the gold glitter (444) which provided a gorgeous opacity in two coats and Royal Navy which is a proper navy colour (as opposed to just being dark blue).  The colour is self levelling and shiny without top coat.  The colour range is extensive and I have seen some purples in the range that I need to get my hands on.

Butter London Royal Navy and 444

 Tinu’s studio is  at 152 New Cavendish Road, London, W1W  6YL and well worth a visit for a personalised  and professional service and some product recommendations.


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