Emma Hardie: Amazing Face Natural Lift AM/PM Moisturiser

Emma Hardie Amazing Face AM PM cream

Emma Hardie Amazing Face AM PM cream

I am a #cleanseaholic, a fan of toners, and I love my facial oils and serums but moisturiser, kind of takes a back seat.  Any problem that I have with a moisturiser (eg not moisturising enough, too active, don’t like the texture, don’t like the smell) can generally be addressed by no longer using the product or more using changing the serum / facial oil that I use underneath it to get it closer to what I want.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face AM PM cream

Emma Hardie has a great balm cleanser in her range and I will get round to reviewing  it at some point before the end of the year but I have been using her moisturiser for a few months now so it felt like a good time to reflect.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face AM PM cream

Firstly, I love the packaging.  The metal tube is slim, sleek and is very tactile – cool to the touch.  the moisturiser is dispensed in a pump which is brilliant.  No grubby fingers or teeny tiny spatulas in the pot, just one pump for the face (you will need more if you are going to go as far down as the decollotage).  The only think I don’t like is that because the moisturiser is encased you cannot see how much of the product that you have used.  For me.  I have a stash of moisturisers in my beauty cupboard so when I run out of product, I will have a next one to replace it with but I am always curious about how much product I have used.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face AM PM cream

The moisturiser is rich but light and not at all watery texture.  It absorbs easily into the skin and leaves a bit of a sheen on the skin which I really like.  It also smells lovely the lavender and geranium with hint of peppermint mean that it is refreshing in the morning and soothing in the evening.

The texture is gorgeous a blend of some of my favourite oils (avocado, squalene, shea butter rose hip oil) which leaves my face moisturised all day but not overly greasy.   Having the same for morning and night has been working for me as it has allowed me to further customise my routine for night with additional oils.

This is a really good moisturiser.  Definitely one for you if you are looking for an easy routine and the same product to be used night and day. if you have a drier or normal to combination skin this is a good option too.







  • This product sounds like it smells amazing. It’s really good you can use it both morning and evening. Makes your skincare routine a lot easier! x


    • Jo

      Hi Georgia

      It is lovely – and yes, using the same cream am and pm makes life much simpler!




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