Antonia Burrell Forest Dew Skin Conditioner

Antonia Burrell Forest Dew skinconditioner

I think that I am in the minority in that I really enjoy toners.  It sets the scene for the serums and moisturisers to come and when you find a good one, it makes a discernible difference to your skin.   I am very fussy with my toners.  My skin, despite having an slightly oily t-zone has a tendency to be dry.  I have lived for the vast majority of my life in London which is a hard water area so even when a balm or oil cleanser is removed using a damp flannel the water can make my skin feel a little taut.

Antoni Burrell Forest Dew Skin conditioner

My favourite toners do not have a liquid /water consistency or texture they are thicker, like a very light serum.  Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Decleor Youth Lotion and Antonia Burrell’s Forest Dew Skin Conditioner are my top three toners.  The thing that these toners have in common is that they are not watery toners.   You may have noticed that Antonia Burrell does not call this product a toner.  It is used at toner stage but it is not a water, the texture is like a serum.  The instructions advise that you saturate a cotton wool bud.  I love that – who wants to be stingy with their products?  You swipe it over your face and off you go.  It does not leave the skin tight in any way.  If you wait half an hour before applying your moisturiser (not recommended but I had to test it properly) I found that my skin did not become taught or irritated or itchy.

Antonia Burrell Skin Conditioner

This skin conditioner has  a lavender water base and also contains witch hazel, cucumber extract, Alpine Willowherb (Swiss Epilobium Fleischeri Extract ) which has been clinically proven to help regulate sebum production – this is great for me as I am prone to the occasional break out but as it is not my main concern, the majority of my skincare does not address it. It also reduces inflammation and the appearance of pores.

Antonia Burrell Skin Conditioner dropper detail

As my skin matures I am all about the hydration and the French Fucose Polysaccharide   is proven to keep the skin more hydrated and for longer the  super ingredient hyaluronic acid – yes really.  Antonia’s products are housed in glass (hurrah) which looks black but is actually violet and recycled (hurrah again).  Violet as it preserves the integrity of the ingredients from sunlight and the fifty millilitre size is dispensed via a stopper with a generous opening so that it is easy to saturate your cotton wool bud.  If you want a product that smells like roses the Forest Dew Skin Conditioner is not for you.  It has a subtle but herby fragrance which smells like it will do you good.

Antonia Burrell Forest Dew skinconditioner

In a nutshell, this product has beautiful packaging, a lovely rich texture (rich for a toner stage product) great ingredients and great results.  If you are serious about skincare, your toner and a welcome addition to my holy grail toners.

Forest Dew Skin Conditioner is available in three sizes from



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