Chanel: Longwear Nail Colour – Violet Piquant (622)

I go through phases with nail colour. There are weeks where I will wear it religiously and months were I am in a bit of a funk and nothing goes on my nails. I find that the Chanel nail colour range often has a colour that can get me out of my funk.

The Colour

My most recent nail colour purchase is shade 622 Violet Piquant which according to Google translate to Pungent Purple. As a purple afficionado, I will tell you straight this colour is not purple, not even purple adjacent. This is a straight up indigo blue whether you look at it under natural light, tungsten light a ring light or candle light.

The Formula

My preferred nail polish formulas have more plasticizers in them, that is to say they are thicker. Think Dior and Burberry. It goes onto the nail pretty opaque and self-levels. The Chanel formula does not do that. It is much thinner and you need two if not three coats as each layer is not opaque. Don’t be tempted to go in with a thicker layer. The thinner you go the better and more long lasting outcome. The final result is pretty but it is a formula that takes work. It definitely relies on a coat of my beloved Seche Vite top coat in a way that the Dior and Burberry formulas don’t.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy Chanel nail colours and have a few in my collection. The decision to buy or not to buy for me is based on the colour and not the formula. I really enjoy indigo nail colours so whilst there is a similar colour in my nail collection there is definitely space for the Chanel version in my collection.

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